Side effects of Homeopathic Medicines and prohibition

Side effects of Homeopathic MedicineSide Effects of Homeopathic Medicines:

Though case of side effects of homeopathic medicine is very rare however there are some side effects which scientist have found, I will discuss about some of the cases:

Never use the medicine Causticum before or after Phosphorus.

Never use Sulphur, Silicea, Psorinum, Phosphorus, Lachesis, Kali Carb, Graphities, Carcinosinum, Zincum in high power. It may increase the disease severely also some other big loss/detriment may cause. So, firstly use these medicine in lower power (i:e: 30, 200). If you find any positive response after using lower power only then you can go for high power.

Lycopodium– Using Lycopodium in lower power for long days can cause severe damage. Such that, it may cause death. So be careful about this medicine.

According to. Dr. Hahnemann, one should not use Calcarea carb before sulphur. It may make your physical condition very weak.

Patient should not use Mercurius Solbulus and Silicea so nearly. Patient’s should not use these medicines one after another.

If you find temperature of fever is high, then you should not use Natrum Mur. When the temperature reduces then it can be used.

When one gets weak due to use of Ledum Pal and to heal the weakness you should not use China Officinalis.

Calcarea Carb and Bryonia Album are enemy of each other. So these medicine should not be used one after another or at minimum intervals.

If a patient suffers from sleeplessness then you can give him Sulphur. But he enjoys a sound sleep, then your should use Sulphur at morning. Because, if you use sulphur at night then it can cause disturbance of sleep. Nux Vomica can be used at night and sulphur can be used in morning if you expect complementary work.

A patient faces pain in left lung then you should not use phosphorus frequently. It increases the probability of tuberculosis.

Patient should not use Medorrhinum in high power who have heart diseases. It may increase the heart problem and also take the patient to death. Firstly use 200 power and then considering tolerance of patient you may increase the power.

Heart patient should not use Collinsonia Canadensis lower power for .

Pregnant women should not use Apis Mel, Lac Defloratum, Gossipium, pulsatilla, Pinus Lamb s . Because it can cause miscarriage.

Those patients should not use Silicea who have gone under operation within six months. Other than, the place may again make suffer the operated place.