How to Select Homeopathic Medicine

How to Select Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic is a medical science mainly bases on symptoms. First and foremost thing is to consider is that, only symptom is the only preamble or preface of ailment. So if you can’t determine physical symptoms, mental symptoms and other logical symptoms of patient and collect necessary symptoms then it would be totally difficult for a doctor to find the most effective medicine for an ailment. In that case, if you change the medicine for thousand of time or take thousand doses of medicine you can’t cure simple ailment. On the other hand, if you can select homeopathic medicine only one dose can cure so many complex diseases. But you have to keep it in mind that, you have to choose the right medicine. Even though you can cure the chronic diseases.

Side effects of Homeopathic Medicine

Determination of right or exact medicine does not depend on name of disease. Only symptoms are the main thing that you should for medicine determination. Because there is no medicine in homeopathy by the name of medicine.

For example consider the name of diarrhea. If you have pain in your tummy then one medicine can be chosen. On the other hand if there is no pain in your tummy then another medicine will be chosen.

If patient gets weak then doctor should choose one medicine and patient does not get weak then doctor should choose.

Even though medicine is different if the cause of diarrhea is different.

Medicine is differentiated on the basis of color, odor, type or quantity of stole. In which medicine you will find the most symptoms of your ailment then that medicine will be suitable medicine for you. If you see that, two symptoms of fever matches with Bryonia and other three symptoms matches with belladonna then belladonna is your suitable medicine. Also mental symptoms are more important compared to physical symptom. If you see your physical symptoms matches with Rhus Tox and Mental symptoms matches with aconite Nap then you should take Aconite. In homeopathy, you should not take more than one medicine.

For example, if you have been attacked by diarrhea. So belly pain is indispensable part of diarrhea and also you must get weaker when you will go to toilet for a couple of times. In Allopathic doctor will give your three medicine: one for diarrhea, one for belly pain and Saline for weakness. But if you only can select only one medicine in homeopathy, then one medicine will be enough. Due to lack of language knowledge, the innocent animals and children can’t elaborate their pain. In that case you have to imagine the symptoms. At The beginning of each medicine one should read detailed symptoms. And the medicine that matches with best with your ailment then go for that medicine.

More about Selection of homeopathic medicine:

There is another disadvantage of homeopathic treatment. And that is symptoms changes frequently.  And then you need to change the medicine. For example, you have taken Bryonia alb for fever along with thirstiness and constipation. But after eating that medicine for two more days you saw that, your fever got okay. But symptoms change and you are feeling restlessness in leg bottom. So at that time take Sulphur for two to three days. And after that, you saw that, you fever got okay. But some other symptoms have come out and your see bad odor in face and fever increasing at night and redundancy of sweat. At that time take merc Sol. and after that you see that, your ailment is 100% okay. Then stop taking any more medicine.

These are the techniques, how you can select homeopathic medicine.