Smart phones Increase Risk of Brain Cancer by 400%

Those who can’t pass a little leisure time without smart phone, this article is for them. People who pass their time, keeping their neck tilted this article is for them. In our today’s we will describe the Relation of Brain Cancer with Smart Phone.

A group of researchers of IIT has expressed their tension about the people who pass a huge amount of their everyday time with smart phone. Because there is a great Relation of Brain Cancer with Smart Phone. They also said, this is the high time, to leave addiction to smart phone.

Though, scientists already warned about the bad effects of smart phone over brain in previous time, Recently, a group of researcher of IIT has discovered that and also published in a seminar based on “Radiation hazardous of Cell Phone”.

They demanded that, if you use smart phone in an excessive manner, it can increase th risk of Brain Cancer by 400%. For this reason, teenager are under the risk of brain cancer mostly.

They named this device as Hidden Danger. They also said that, smart phone should never be used more than half an hour in a day.

Smart Phone not only has the risk of brain cancer, it can also cause problems of fertility.