Reasons of Frequent Urination

Reasons of Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is not always a matter of concern. Because there are many natural factors. Side by side, one does not need to be concerned about it all the time. There are many reasons of frequent urination. Sometimes it is related to amount of liquid consumed. In case of some patients caffeine and alcohol can cause frequent urination. Bladder or prostate (Tract infection) is one of the more common causes. Prolapse of the bladder (Dropped Bladder) can cause frequent urination.

Stones in the urinary tract can also cause urinary frequency. Enlarged prostate can cause bladder obstruction and lead to urinary frequency.  It can also be caused, if there is any tumor in the bladder.

Frequency of urination is sometimes related to neurological conditions. Frequent urination is also related to   Spinal cord injury, Stroke and multiple sclerosis. Mostly urinary frequency is caused by unusual pelvic nerve function and coordination. Stress can also be one of the reasons of frequent urination

Some serious diseases can be associated with urinary frequency. Diabetes mellitus is also a reason frequent urination. It can lead to high volume frequent urination of the patient.

Also, there are some conditions that are not related to the bladder can cause a patient to void more often.

Another natural reason of frequent urination is if you are from a place where there are different season and when winter comes you will go to washroom for urination more frequently. But this is not a disease.

Sometimes conditions that are not related to the bladder can cause a person to void more often.