Which Power Homeopathic Medicine should be taken?

How much Should Power of Homeopathic Medicine be consumed?

Homeopathic medicines are found 3, 6, 12, 30, 200, 1000 (or 1M), 10000 (or 10M), 50000 (or 50M), 100,000 (or CM) etc. The lowest hierarchy is the Mother Tincture or Q and its strength is assumed to be zero. Among them, 3, 6, 12, 30 are called low power and 200 are called middle power. On the other hand 1000, 10000, 50000 and 100000 are considered as high power medicine. In the case of new diseases or emerging diseases, low power and mediocrity medicine work best. On the other hand, high-power medicine is applied to many days of old diseases, ie: Chronic Disease. According to Dr. Samuel Hahnneman, inventor of homeopathic, 30 strength is the standard power. Yes, if many of the main symptoms of medicines are clear and easily identifiable in the patient, then one thousand (1M) or ten thousand (10M) power can also be consumed. Generally, any disease with low power can be eaten by eating a few levels, but only one level is sufficient for high-energy medicine.

But eating high-power medicine often can be a serious danger. Experts should not eat high-energy medicine without the doctor’s advice. Because, if the selection of the medicine is wrong then it can be a great loss. The same energy medicine should not be eaten more than once. Sometimes it is beneficial to try second and third times. But after that, there is no benefit to that energy medicine. Hahnemann’s instruction is to increase the strength of medicine every time. If you do not have multiple energy medicines, but mix one-stage (one foot or 4/5 pills) medicines in half a bottle of water and shake it twice before consuming it and increase the strength of the medicine. (Usually, half a liter or smaller bottle should be used) Usually, the same bottle should not be used more than once, but if there is no other bottle it should be washed with soap and hot water several times.


How long do you have to wait for the action of Homeopathic medicines?

Generally, the more painful the diseases are, the medicine works faster. For example, pain in stomach, injuries or chest pains or heart disease will start working between two to five minutes. If not, you can wait for more than five minutes after eating another dose. If it does not work then change the medication and start eating other medicines. According to Austrian Homeopathic Medicine scientist George Vithulkas, if the emergency situation does not work in medicine, you can change the medicine twenty times per hour. However, in order to understand the medicines in general, you should wait four to five hours. For example, for seven days everybody has a cold or a cough, it should not be possible to expect sickness in 10 minutes. Rather, the guideline of taking three or four times a day (at least) for three days can be followed. However, waiting for 12 to 24 hours in the hope of a combination of emergency in emergency situations will not be wise to suffer from the disease.


Side effects of Homeopathic medication and poisoning?

There is a saying that there is no side or side effect of homeopathic medicine, it is not true at all. Because the argument is that if a substance has the effect then it will have side effects also; The reason for which there is a resonance of its equation is reasonable. In short, it is possible that there is no major harm to any of the wrong medicines (3, 6, 30, 200) if one consumes two/four/tens of degrees in low power and middle power. On the other hand, in the case of high strength (1000 to above power) wrong medicines, if consumed at one go, there is a possibility of major damage. If you have a problem with the use of wrong medicines, you should consult a homeopathic physician immediately. Besides, you can take homeopathic materia medica books and take antidote medicines of that medicine. According to many, Borik or Clarke’s Metraria Medica is the best and straightforward.


Should you take other types of medication with Homeopathic medicines?

You can eat homeopathic medicines with any medicines such as Allopathic, Unani, Ayurvedic etc. There is no possibility of interaction with homeopathic medicines. Due to excessive refining, the material existence of homeopathic medicine disappears and they become energy. And the reality is that there is usually no retention of objects and energy. Yes, even if homeopathic medicines have been recycled with other medicines, it can be found in thousands of cases. In fact, many people eat homeopathic medicines with birth control, diabetes, high blood pressure, and allopathic medicines. There is no barrier to homeopathy. But it would be better to take at least half an hour before eating other medicines of homeopathic medicine as a warning.