Natural Medicine for Treating Irregular period


Natural Medicine for Treating Irregular Period

Natural Medicine for Irregular Period

Monthly menses is a common feature of every young girl. When this does not occur in every month then it causes different mental and physical problems to the girl’s health. So occurrence of monthly menses is very crucial for every girl. If it does not occur in every month, then they start to show so many problems. Sometimes they feel so much pain in the lower abdomen. They become so restless. In a report in health related website, it is said that, though Ayurvedic medicines cannot heal irregular period problem totally but it can reduce the pain and bad effects of irregular period much more.

In this article we will discuss about the best medicine for irregular period. In this article we will discuss about the natural Medicine for Irregular Period.

  1. Himalaya MenstriCare, Menstrual Comfort

This is one of the best Natural Medicine for Irregular Period. It has received recognition world wide.

About the product:

This product is brought by Himalaya Herbals  Healthcare. It is a company that started its operation in the year 1930’s. It has been doing business with great success. It has achieved customer’s positive reviews. Customer’s faith are increasing on this products. Though it is a company from India but it has achieved its fame in America also.

  • It’s main ingredients are Asoka Tree, Lodh Tree, Indian Tinospora, Shatavari
  • It has gone through 8 clinical trials.
  • This medicine assists in proper hormone utilization and balancing.
  • Provides mental and physical support at the time of menstrual cycle.
  • Assists girls or women in coping with discomforts and natural pressures placed on their physique.


  1. Supports normal levels of hormone during monthly cycle.
  2. It also helps maximum and physical level of comfort.

Side effects: Hardly any side effects have been found from this medicine.

Men's Health Multivitamin

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