List of Essential Homeopathy Medicine to be Kept in Every House

Herewith I am mentioning name of some Essential Homeopathy Medicine for keeping in every house. So that, you should not run at late night to buy medicine and you don’t need to go to doctor for silly matters and also you are saved from going to hospital. Buy every medicine @ 30 power for 1-2 drums.

Generally you will find 50 bottles box in homeopathic pharmacy and keep these bottles in that box.

List of Essential Homeopathy Medicine for keeping in every house:

Aconite Napellus: it is one of the most Essential Homeopathy Medicine for keeping in any house. Any kind of ailments whether it is (Fever-coughing-diarrhea-dysentery-pneumonia-belly pain- Asthma-headache-heart pain- dyspnoea -heart palpitation etc)if it starts suddenly and starts at severe condition and turns more severe within 2 hours then just us aconite napellus. Nature of Aconite is like the nature of tornado. Because disease come like tornado and goes like tornado. Patient of aconite gets restless due to affliction and gets afraid for the fear of death. Patient thinks that, he may die any time.

Bryonia Alba: Main symptom of Bryonia is that, lips-tongue-throat gets dried like wood and great thirst for water, and patient drinks a lot of water after long time. Movement increases the sorrow of patient. Patient gets irritated all the time, constipation exists and stole becomes like steel. Patients talk to himself about his professional life. Patient gets bored to take children to their lap everything tastes bitter. Any kind of ailment, if any two to three symptoms are found then just uses the Bryonia. This medicine is a favor from almighty for pneumonia. If you use it at lower power then it will work like panacea.

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Rhus Toxicodendron: This is the most important Homeopathy Medicine for keeping in every house. Main symptom of Rhus Tox is: the patient will be highly restless. The patient can’t be stable at a place for several minutes. Patient will be highly cold feeling.

When patient will be suffering from fever in rainy season or in wet weather then Rhus Tox is number one medicine.

While using Rhus Tox, you can’t take a bath in cold water or you can’t wipe your body by some wet towel. For that patient, you may use lukewarm water. Because cold water spoils activity of Rhus Tox.

You may keep one thing in your mind that is: when ailment decreases due to movement then just use Rhus Tox.

Lycopodium Clavatum: Main symptom of Lycopodium is that, intensity of ailment increases from evening 4 pm to 8 pm.

  • Ailments mainly affects the Right side of the body.
  • Ailment goes from right side to left side.
  • Great deal of gas is fuse/amalgamate in the belly.
  • The patient suffers from urine problem and digestion problem round the year.
  • They look older compared to their age.
  • They are very sensitive. Sometimes they cry, if you thank them.

When anyone will find the above symptoms in any of the diseases like fever, coughing, diarrhea, dysentery, pneumonia, belly pain, asthma, headache etc just use lycopodium and see the results.

Belladona: This medicine is used based on three symptoms. These are:

  • Temperature
  • Inflammation
  • and Red color

If the place of disease/ailment shows the above three symptoms then you may use belladonna.

Patient’s face red at the time of pain, red bright blood comes with stool , inflammation throughout the body, patient sees  formidable scenes, tries to leave due to fear, sometimes get aggressive etc.

If the patient blabbers at the time of fever then it is must that Belladona will save him.

Arnica Montana: It is very Essential Homeopathy Medicine for any ailment due to injury, accident, shocks and bruising.

Calendula: This  is a great medicine for healing any kind of wounding.

Hypericum: An essential homeopathy medicine for injuries to nerves. Also useful for pain after dental infection.

Ledum Pal: Number one medicine for puncture wounds. Also very useful to treat any kind of animal or insect bites. A great preventive of tetanus if you get cut by any surgical instrument.

Kali Bichromicum: A great medicine to treat sinus problems.

Gelsemium: A great medicine for treating flu. Very useful medicine for extreme disappointment and weakness. Helps to regain body vigor.