How to Keep Body And Mind Fit

When a person is fit both physically and mentally then he can be called as a fit person. To keep your Keep body and mind fit regular healthy food, exercise and mental soothing is necessary. You can follow the below things to keep yourself fit:

Start from your brain:

if your brain is not fine then there is no value of being healthy. Because without a healthy brain no value of a healthy body. For that reason take walnuts regularly. It contains huge amount of omega 33 fatty acid. Which keep your brain safe from different diseases? Side by side try to take tomato and green tea regularly. It contains anti-oxidant which save brain tissue and helps to increase remembering power. Sea fish Alzheimer saves the brain from different diseases.


Famous heart specialist of Mount Sinai hospital of USA, Dr. Beth Oliver said , take sufficient amount of water, apple, walnut, pulses and yellow part of Egg, fruits, vegetables and fibered food regularly. These food are very beneficial for heart.

Kidney Health:

Regular exercise, sports and walking reduces blood pressure and diabetes. Because, Diabetes is the main reason for kidney failure. It is necessary to take fruits, vegetables and fiber regularly to keep your weight in order. Because, excessive, salt is harmful for kidney. Take two to three liters of water every day.

Bone’s care:

To keep the bones hard, regular exercise plays a great role. Increase of age is not the only reason to break the bones. Thyroid problem, chronic disease of digestion and stomach problem are also responsible for bone thinning and breaking. Taking foods that lacks nutrition, excessive smoking and different types of medicines make the bone tender.

Keep the Intestine Healthy:

One of the vital part of the body is the intestine or belly which is 8 meters long in length. It makes the inhaling food digestible easily. If there is any problem in the gut everything get rummaged. It is well known to everybody. So, to keep your body fit you must take care of your belly or tummy or intestine. Do regular exercise, take yogurt, vegetables, fruits, balance diet is very necessary.

Don’t Work in Excessive Sun Shine:

There is no alternative of anti-oxidant to keep your youth. Fast food, excessive stress, tension, smoking, alcohol, all destroys your skin. Ultra Violet ray has a negative effect on the skin. So stay away from sun shine as much as you can. Skin health is also equally important like your body. So, to keep your body and mind fit don’t go under UV ray.

Take Care of Leg by Walking Regularly:

Our legs take bear the weight of our whole body. So, it’s health is very important. To keep your legs healthy and strong walk regularly. It has no alternative. Walking regularly, keeps any person healthy.

Physical Exercise:

A beautiful and handsome figure is not possible without physical exercise. Side by side, to remain mentally and physically fit go to doctor for medical ‘check up’ once every year.

A healthy Sex Life:

Like all other issues mentioned above, a healthy sex life is equally important. To make your sex life more healthy use watermelon, eggs, honey, seed. According to A and M university of USA, Texas watermelon increases sex power in both man and woman.

body and mind fit
body and mind fit

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