Homeopathic Medicine for Vomiting while Pregnancy

I will start without any kind of introduction in this article because i will discuss about practical matters today. When my wife was one and half months pregnant she were vomiting regularly. One day she vomited for 12 times in a day. I read many homeopathic materia medica books to gain a deep knowledge about it. I studied different specific topics to know about the solution. Today, I will discuss about Homeopathic medicine for Vomiting While Pregnancy.

Homeopathic Medicine for Vomiting while Pregnancy

After incessant research I were able to find a solutions about it. I discovered that, my wife were vomiting mostly in the morning. I found this symptoms in the medicine Nux Vomica. So I gave 3 drops for 2-3 times. After 6 to 8 hours I noticed that, her vomiting has been reduced a lot.

After using this medicine for two days, her vomiting tendency has come under control. Her eating willingness has increased a lot.

Till the end of her pregnancy, she did not face this kind of problem.

So I would like to recommend this medicine, for the pregnant women who face vomiting throughout her pregnancy tenure.

But I also studied about any side effects of this medicine. I did not find any bad side effects of Nux Vomica.

But always try to use lower power. Because, higher power may be sometimes harmful for the child as well as mother.

I think that, you should show the doctor before taking any homeopathic medicine while pregnancy.

It will help to keep you safe from any side effect.

You may also try to buy a materia Medica book in your house. It will play role as your family doctor.

Always, keep most important homeopathic medicine in your house. I have published the essential medicine list in my website. You may find the essential medicine list in this website’s other page.


Ipecac: Another very effective medicine for vomiting while pregnancy  is ipecac. After using Nux Vom for first couple of the days, you can use Ipecac to vanish the vomiting totally. I used this two medicines for my wife and got excellent result.