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In this article we will discuss about homeopathic medicine for viral fever. Another name of this fiver is influenza. At the very beginning of this fever slight coughing start. Eyes and nose of the patient gets red. The patient can’t take breath. The throat of the patient becomes sore. Sometimes the patient can’t talk.

Sometimes patient’s temperature goes to 103 degree. This fever mainly due to influenza virus. If this continues to increase and patient does not get any way out to get rid of this fever, the patient needs to go to doctor and get admitted to it.

in this article we will discuss about the homeopathic medicine for viral fever.

Medicine to Prevent Viral Fever:

Homeopathic medicine for viral fever

Influenzinum 200: 

When you find that, there is spreading of viral fever around your locality take this medicine for 4 drops 3 times in each week. You will not be attacked by viral fever. You need to continue the medicine until the season of viral fever continues. This medicine will work as preventive.