Homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage and abortion

Homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage

When Embryo gets out of its mother’s womb before getting matured then it is called miscarriage. Specially when infants get delivered before 20 weeks of age. This can be happened for many reasons: such as  injury, infection, fear and malfunction of uterus and reaction etc. In this article we will discuss about Homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage and abortion. List of medicines are mentioned below:

Homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage:

  1. Caulophyllum- This one of the best medicine for treating miscarriage. Because women will have a tendency to weaken their urerine tissue. Many women suffer from habitual miscarriage. All types of bleeding from the uterus and weighty feeling in the abdominal area while being pregnant. Don’t forget to use caulophylum. Physical signs so obvious during the state comprise the presence of rigorous uterine spasms passing all over the body, the progress of an excruciating pain that seems to emit in all directions within the body. Trembling physical debility in the body. Symptoms also comprise plentiful to thin and extremely acrid vaginal release from time to time. The menstrual cycle of the woman may often come early on, and is always heavy or prolonged in length. Symptoms include acute bodily exhaustion, and unexpected appetite loss,  the feeble memory, and tendency to undergo from insomnia and other sleep disorders.When fake pain are seen than it can be used. Also when some one’s embryo gets lost at a certain time then it can be used at 1 month before that time every time. Power will be -6.
  2. Sepia: Hering used to say that, who are habituated to frequent miscarriage then they can use Sepia. Normally, who gets miscarriage at fifty month then they can use this medicine. Main symptom of Sepia is, feeling something like ball at the lower womb. Road of stole seems very heavy, pain like-Pushing downward from lower womb, The patient feels that, all its things in the belly will come out through rectum.
  3. SabinaThis is also another good homeopathic medicine for treating miscarriage. This medicine has a special action on the uterus; also upon serous and fibrous membranes; hence its use in gout. When the pain spreads from sacrum to the pubis. hemorrhages, where blood is fluid and clots together. Another remarkable symptom is : tendency of miscarriage are found especially at third month. aggressive pulsations; wants windows open. The patient feels better in cool fresh air. And the patient feels worse from least motion, heat, warm air.
  4. Arnica Montana: This medicine will save you if you see the symptom of miscarriage due to any In fact, if symptoms of miscarriage starts due to severe infection  and septic problem. It will be a great Homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage.
  5. Secale Cornatum: This medicine is used for any miscarriage at the very beginning of pregnancy. Black color of bleeding is seen in this problems. Pains like labor time start in these situations. Body gets cold but patient says to use fan or other cooling device.
  6. Belladona: When red color of bright blood is seen and the blood seems hot and pain in waist and head and disgusting pain in ovary are found.
  7. Cimicifuga: This is another homeopathic Medicine for treating Miscarriage and abortion. Pain of miscarriage runs from one place to another. The women, who are suffering from rheumatism it works best for them. This medicine is very useful to face the threat of a miscarriage during the third month of pregnancy. Intense and cramping pains that seem to fill the abdomen crosswise from side to side, and have a tendency to radiate left to right, or down to the thighs. It is also accompanied by nausea and spells of fainting or dizziness and backache. Extreme and painful sensation passing over the body can be doubled up. The symptoms include the ovarian neuralgia. The woman often cry out from the pain. Psychological symptoms includes: feelings of insanity due to the extreme pain. Other psychological symptoms also comprise the existence of a deep and persistent depression along with a feeling of constant dread about her surroundings and life in general. Menstrual issues tend to be very dark, often clotted, distasteful smelling. The menstrual cycle is not regular and the painful sensations often increase with the flow of blood from the uterus.

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