Best Homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite

Best Homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite :

There are two types of Appetite disorder. One is total reduction of appetite other one is increase of appetite. Both the symptoms can be considered as problem. Due to different lifestyle nature most people are suffering from appetite disorders. Homeopathic treatment has got an enriched way outs to solve appetite disorder. In our today’s article we will well furnish about Best Homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite

Herewith name of some Homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite:

  1. Iodium
  2. Alfalfa
  3. Nux Vomica
  4. Calcarea Carb
  5. Lycopodium.
  6. Antimonium Crud and lycopodium
  7. Ignatia Amara
  8. Chelidonium Majus
  9. Pulsatilla

Iodium: it is one of the best Homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite. This medicine can produce appetite like cannibal. Main symptom of Iodium: patient eats a lot but continues to get thinner day by day. They can’t tolerate hot. Those who have a huge amount of appetite, their appetite will be reduce with this medicine. On the other hand, patient whose appetite is less, they can increase their appetite with the use of this medicine. Usage will be five drops three times a day. Power will be (Q, 3, 6). Patient who are suffering from Hyperthyroidism can use this medicine in  longer term good benefit from this medicine.

Alfalfa: It is considered to be one of the best homeopathic Medicine for increasing Appetite. With regular use of alfalfa,  it augments appetite, sleep, weight and digestion power. At Q (Mother Tincture) power, it can be eaten three times a day. If you want to increase immediately, then use this medicine for 50 to 60 drops. If you face any kind of side effect reduce the quantity from existing. As it has a bad taste, children can be fed with sugar. But best solution of using this medicine is to use in in water.

Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica is a powerful medicine for increasing appetite. People who do less laborious work and does more tension, most of the time of day are passed sitting on chair and indigestion problem are associated throughout the year they can be fed with this medicine. Patient can’t tolerate cold. Nux Vomica works best for these patients.

Calcarea Carb: This is the best vitamin in homeopathy. It eradicates loss of appetite, indigestion, ulcers of belly, recurrent ailment, physical weakness, mental weakness, weakness of brain, malnutrition of patient.

Lycopodium: Lycopodium is a wonderful medicine for tuning the digestive imbalances. It has the power to heal the imbalanced organs of the body. It increases appetite side by side it has the power to improve digestion system.

Antimonium Crud and Psorinum: These two medicine works best when a patient gets loss of appetite after a serious illness. These medicines work as great stimulator for increasing appetite. The patients of Antimonium crud fell bored to any kinds of food. Patient likes acidic foods but feel avert to any other food items. So, a great symptom of Antimonium Crud is: liking acidic food items. Another symptom of Antimonium Crud is nausea and bitter taste. This symptom can be accompanying symptom of Antim Crud. Sometimes tongue feel thickly coated.

Symptoms of Psorinum: Though there is a loss of appetite but increase of thirst for water. Psorinum is also helpful for the ack of appetite and debiliatation arising after an acute disease. In such cases, Psorinum helps to develop appetite as well as provide power for the body.

China: China is another good medicine for increasing appetite. When the patient feel abdominal fullness along with loss of appetite this medicine works best. China is very popular for weakness.

China Officinalis works by assisting to increase the desire to eat. This medicine works well in cases of decreased appetite with a sensation of fullness in the lower belly. China is beneficial when a person feels full in the stomach all the moments. The abdomen feels swollen and inflated. There is an repugnance to all food. China works well in cases where there is not a complete loss of appetite, but the patient feels replete by eating very little. Lastly, China is a valuable homeopathic medicine for an entire loss of appetite during malaria.

Ignatia Amara: Though many people pander to eat when they are saddened and anxious, others build up a loathing to food! If you belong to the final category, you may be in risk of developing eating disorder and dyspepsia, which can create nutritional inequality in the body. If you want to gain weight and fight these symptoms, try Ignatia amara!

Ignatia is a high-grade homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite. It helps to bring back appetite in patients who have lost their appetite due to sadness. The guiding characteristic to utilize Ignatia is a loss of appetite from sadness, anguish, and depression. A patient needs Ignatia rebuffs to eat and is absorbed in sad thoughts. The person feels sad and disappointed all the time, stay away from the company of people, and feels bushed both mentally and physically. Ignatia will assist to recover from sadness and support in retrieval of healthy appetite.

Chelidonium Majus: 

Lack or loss of appetite along with general listlessness is sometimes the symbol of a liver problem. This may happen due to serous emission and bilious impediment, which generally transpire during pregnancy. But after that, you may feel a troublesome bitter taste in your mouth, loss of appetite or blazing weight in the liver. This can be cured by Chelidonium majus.


Pulsatilla: Sometimes, after having simple or fatty food, you may feel a pressing pain or pulsation in your stomach. There are only a very few things that are more embarrassing than listening that your stomach shouting or making loudly during a meal. A mild dose of Pulsatilla can resolve all of that. If you feel any sting or as if a stone is passing through your gut, you can take this medicine too. Once, the pain goes away, eating won’t feel like a boredom and you’ll be able to add weight gradually.

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