Homeopathic Medicine for Headache

Homeopathic medicine for Headache
Homeopathic medicine for Headache

Headache is a common problem for most of people in this modern world. Excessive use of mobile phone, computer, television and electronic items is one of the main reasons behind this. So, today I am going to help you how you can easily get rid of this headache.

In this article we will discuss about best Homeopathic Medicine for headache and Migraine:

There different types of headache for different peoples. All the symptoms are not same. So you should not be using same types of medicine for all diseases.

There are different names of headache. Some of them are migraine, headache, hemicrania, histamine headache, sick headache, sinus headache, school boy or girl headache. But there is no name of headache. Your first and foremost work is selecting medicine as per symptoms. Herewith I am mentioning some of the names of medicines which you can use for headache:

  • Belladona- Belladona can be chosen for any kind of Headache.  But when you will see there is great intensity of headache then this should be your first choice. Also, your eyes will get red. If you want better result then use Melilotus Alba with Belladona.
  • Melilotus Alba– This is the most important medicine for headache. Specially when there is excessive congestion of blood in the head then it can be chosen. Both blood bearing artery beside the throat bicker. At that time this medicine can be chosen.
  • Lycopodium: There are another important medicine of headache. And that is lycopodium. When you feel good by keeping your head opened then you can try this medicine. Power can be3, 6, 30, 200. Just use this medicine after every alternate 10-30 minutes.
  • Ruta  graveolans- When headache is started due to excessive use of eye then you can use Ruta Graveolans. Power-3,6, 30, 200
  • Ipecac: When someone feels headache along with Vomiting tendency then Ipecac can be used.

  • Bryonia alb– This is one of the best homeopathic medicine for headache and migraine.  Just try this medicine at the time when your headache starts. And when it reduces then stop using. You will find that, your headache will not start like earlier frequency. It may start a bit later. Just then again take 3-5 drops or pills of Bryonia Alba. Then it will disappear for a longer period. After that, just take this medicine when your migraine starts again.
  • Coffea Cruda: This medicine should be taken when you face headache due to tension or other mental issues.
  • Tabacum: When you face headache due to smoking then Tabacum or China Officinals is the main Medicine.