Best Homeopathic Medicine for Appendicitis

Generally acute pain under naval and at the right side of the body is called appendicitis. In this position of the body there is a substance called Appendix like Earthworm. Infection in this place of the body is called appendicitis. In this article we will discuss about the best homeopathic medicine for appendicitis.

Main symptoms of Appendicitis

At the very beginning of ailment there happens great pain at lower womb and after that, patient start to vomit and at last patient suffer from fever.

The whole belly gets so sensitive that, any mere touch can’t be tolerated by patient. Patient feels great pain.

Another main symptom of appendicitis: if someone presses the belly and leaves it after some moment of pressing – patient feels excessive pain.

In allopathic treatment system there is no capacity to cure it except operation 99% case. But you should think twice before going under operation. Because, it has many aftermath side effects. So give emphasis on curing appendicitis by using natural medicine.

But first of all you have to identify whether the pain is going to be appendicitis. Then, you can find the best treatment for it.

So, don’t rush for appendicitis as soon as patient feel pain in stomach. Appendicitis mainly happens at the right side of the body. The pain nature is totally unbearable

Herewith mentioning list of some homeopathy medicine for treating appendicitis:

  1. Bryonia Alba: This is a very good medicine of appendicitis. Pain increases after leaving it after pressing some time. This strange symptom is only found in Bryonia. Normally one dose of 50000/100000(CM) power is enough to cure appendicitis. But if you use lower power then it should be used for several day at several times a day.

(Find other use of Bryonia Alba from this link)

  1. Iris Tenax: It is called the most specific Homeopathic Medicine for Appendicitis. Because, on how many healthy people it has been used, all the people have faced acute pain at the right side of the belly.

It does not mean that, you will only depend on Bryonia alba and Iris Tenax. Other than these two medicines if you find any symptoms within patient that match with any other homeopathy medicines, then you can use that medicine for the patient.

3. Belladona: The pain of the patient gets worse when a person moves and relaxes with absolute rest or lying on a painful side. Burning pain is felt. Better to lay down the painful side with pressure. Stunning right lower stomach. The patient is still lying down to relax the abdominal muscles. Does not want to touch and every breath makes the pain worse. Patient is thirsty and drinks large amounts of cold water. Punches and sharp seams are limited to a limited location. The person has constipation. The ileocecal area is very sore and touch sensitive. Every movement is painful and the person is completely at peace and painful side.

But matter is that, you must consider these two medicine’s name first.