Homeopathic Antibiotics or Strongest Natural Antibiotics

Only those medicines are called antibiotics which can kill the germs associated with the disease or stop breeding of microbes. Frankly, the Allopathy still survives in the world due to the discovery of antibiotics. Let’s go, homeopathy has no group of antibiotics; But there are some homeopathic medicines that can be used as Alternative of Antibiotic in Homeopathy, they are better and faster than antibiotics of any high-power in the market market. Homeopathic antibiotics are strongest natural antibiotics. Homeopathic antibiotics such as Aconitum napellus, Arsenic album, Belladonna, Baptisia, Phosphorus, Lachesis, Ferrum Phosphoricum, Pulsatilla, Hepar Sulph, Mercurius solubilis, Arnica, Veratrum album, Kali bichromicum, Pyrogenium or Echinacea Angustifolia can be used in dangerous situations.

Apart from these, there are many other homeopathic antibiotics, which can be found if you use them in combination with antibiotics.  Generally, high power antibiotics take two to three days to control and mitigate a serious germicidal infection; But, if you can apply homeopathic medicines in the right way, you can see that any serious infection is also in the control within two hours.

Another thing is that antibiotics can kill bacteria, but can not suppress viruses; But if you can use the homeopathic medicines properly, they will destroy the bacteria-virus-phangas all in a moment. Although allopathy has a few antiviral medications, but the price is so high that patients may have to  sell themselves. In many cases, if the antibiotic is not working, the blood culture test (CS – Culture & Sensitivity) has to be done to know which type of organisms have attacked the germs and can be killed by an antibiotic! But if the homeopathic medicines are properly symptomatic, then the microbes will surely be destroyed, let their species know or not.

Moreover, side-effects of high-power antibiotics are so deadly that it can lead to some premature death. These are the causes of brain or nervous system and bone-marrow in the bone so that anyone who develops paralysis, brain damage, blood cancer, can become emaciation for life. But there is no such side-effect in homeopathy. Even if small children do eat wrong medicines it will not have any such negative side effects. Another thing is that antibiotics destroy many beneficial germs along with harmful germs; But homeopathic drugs do not kill beneficial germs. For this reason many scientists believe that antibiotics are equal to killing bombs; In order to kill the enemy, even innocent people will die and sometimes friends and relatives also die.

List of Homeopathic Antibiotics:

(1) Aconitum napellus: – It is one of the most remarkable Homeopathic antibiotics. Moreover it is one of the strongest natural antibiotic.  Whatever disease, if it starts suddenly or starts to appear deadly or from the beginning, it can be deadly in a couple of hours, but Acneite is the best antibiotic. The disease is so high that it causes the patient to be scared for fear of death. Take one blow or 5 pills daily, eat it three times or more frequently, as long as you think it is necessary. Normally 30 or 200 power is the standard power.
(2) Bryonia alba: A great homeopathic antibiotics for headache. If patient’sthroat is dry, the movement of the patient increases ailment, the stomach becomes tough, but whether it is typhoid-pneumonia-appendicitis or more serious infection, Bryonia will be the best antibiotic. Just feed one dose of Bryonia in high power (1000, 10000, 50000); Perhaps it is no longer necessary to feed second dose.
(3) Rhus toxicodendron: It is one of the main homeopathic antibiotics. The main symptom of Rhus Tox is tremendous fluctuation, the patient is so unstable that, in one position he/she can not be stable for a long time, the patient’s coldness is so much that he thinks that someone is pouring cold water on him with a bucket, (or If he presses the body) he likes it, the pain of the disease decreases, the dream has worked so hard. Any fever (or other diseases) during the monsoon, wet weather or wet air- Rhus Tox is the number one medicine. While eating this medicine, the body can not be washed by bathing in cold water or by watering the towel in cold water. Rather, it is necessary to use hot water for bathing. Because bathing in the cold water, can spoil the action of this medicine. (* The main symptoms of bryonia and Rhus Tox: If ailment increases  due to movement– Remember Bryonia,

If Ailment decreases due to movement – Remember the name of Rhus Tox. Dont for get to remember the name of these Alternative of Antibiotic in Homeopathy.

(4) Belladonna: Any disease that produce heat in the whole body or in the affected area, and also if the affected area turns red, the body continues to burn, then Belladona is the best antibiotic. Along with any kind of diseases, If the patient that is, he is becomes to disordered or can’t keep balance, it is necessary to understand that the patient has an infection in the brain and in those cases, his best antibiotic is Balladona.
(5) Arsenicum album: it is another great homeopathic antibiotics. If there is a tremendous instability in the patient (i:e patient can not remain cool without movement) with any disease or infections, severe irritation at various places in the body, patient easily becomes weak, excessive fear of death. The patient thinks there is no benefit to eating medicines – his death has confirmed signs, then arsenic is his best antibiotic.
(6) Baptisia tinctoria: It is another Homeopathic antibiotics. Although Baptisia medicine is used in homeopathy treatment for typhoid fever, but if the symptoms are found in the medicine, then it will provide service of excellent homeopathic antibiotics in any serious type of infection. The major signs of Baptisia are the restlessness, fear that patient will be paralyzed easily, the loss of consciousness (like a lot of drunkards), pain in the body, the smell of the dead body from the mouth, becomes asleep before completing conversation, it seems that his body became fragmented in pieces and scattered throughout the house etc.