Homeopathic Medicine for Amenorrhea or Irregular Period

Homeopathic Medicine for Amenorrhea or Irregular Period

Monthly period of girls starts from the age of 15 and it stops permanently at the age of 50. Normally period of girls are discontinued when girls are pregnant or feeding breast milk to children. Other than these two reasons if period is discontinued then it must be considered that, there are some diseases or reasons behind this problem. Homeopathic treatment system has the most secured and prompt treating capacity of this ailments. In this article we will discuss the name of best homeopathic medicine for amenorrhea.

Herewith I am mentioning name of some medicines to be taken while amenorrhea:

Pulsatilla Pratensis: Pulsatills is considered to be number one medicine for treating amenorrhea when it comes about homeopathic treatment.  Main symptoms of this medicine: women are very much lovely, cries at any moment and gets fat easily-Pulsatilla works in the case of these girls. Power will be (Q, 3, 6). 5 to 10 drops three times per day.

Senecio aureus: If the patient is suffering from anemia or quantity of blood is lower in the body then Senecio Aures can be used. Ther leg and hand are always cold and are wet due to sweat.

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris: Bursa pastoris is the best medicine for amenorrhea. Specially it should be inhaled at lower power i:e: Q. 5 to 10 drops three times in a day.

Calcarea Carb: Calcarea Carb works best for those girls who are fatty specially it is associated with anemia. They gets sweated easily and their heart palpitation increases so easily and cough problem continues throughout the year.

Aconite Nappellus: Aconite Nappelus works best when period stops due to afraidness.

Ferrum Metallicum: Main symptoms of ferrum Met is weakness, whitish face, heart palpitation, swelling face and eyes and black signs around the eyes. Any one can determine the patient is sick.