Home Diagnosis of Breast Cancer​

Home Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most burning issues of present time. Every year out of  0.1 million women 21.4 women are being attacked by breast cancer. Though the number seems to be too small but I am making it a bit clearer to you. As 50% of the world’s population is women that means if present numbers of women in the world is 7500 million that means half of them are women. It means 1.89 million women are being attacked by breast cancer every year. In a statistics it is found that, out of all cancer related death, 26% die due to breast cancer. On the other side, death ration due to uterus cancer is only 21%. But, we hardly pay attention to this disease. As it is a matter of sensitivity for women most women hides it from other. But being embarrassed is not more important than life. So, I would request everybody to be careful about this disease just from today. So, it needs huge advertisement and publishing. It should be openly discussed in any kind of discussion forum to make the women conscious about the issue. Today, we will discuss about home diagnosis of Breast cancer.

I will answer about the issue, whether we can be safe from breast cancer? I will just try to cover the thing and attempt we can take or follow steps just to save our women and girls from breast cancer. I will discuss about some rules and request all the girls to follow this to save them from breast cancer.

First of all we can make a list of our working to save ourselves from breast cancer. We can do some home diagnosis of Breast cancer of our own that are listed below:

  1. Some home test which are called self breast examination.
  2. Some clinical test by doctor.

If any kinds of cancer or tumor are found in our breast after following the two steps mentioned above, we must start treatment by staging without making a delay. But treatment of breast cancer is so expensive that, it is like a dream for middle class people. The rich people some lose their all asset just to treat this ailment. The poor people can’t even think of it. So, before treating this disease, we must think of prevention.

Home diagnosis of Breast Cancer:

  1. Self breast examination: This is the main home diagnosis of breast cancer. In every month, we must do the examinations. We should be habituated with these examinations. While taking a bath, we must stand in front of the mirror or while going to sleep we may do the test ourselves.
  2. First of all we must notice that, there is any swelling surrounding our breast. Just touch the swelled part slightly whether you find anything hard. It is called LUMP, HAARD KNOT OR THICKENING INSIDE THE BREAST OR UNDER ARM AREA.
  3. Whether color of any part of breast has been changed and any warmth feeling in any place of the breast. It is called Swelling, Warmth, Redness or darkening of the breast.
  4. Third issue to consider detecting breast cancer is: whether any change in size of both the breasts or shapes of the breast?
  5. Another issue is whether any part of the skin of the breast got dimpled or puckered which is called Dimpling or puckering of skin.
  6. Whether any rash or itching at the nipple of the breast- called itchy, Scaly, Sore or rash on the nipple.
  7. Any part of the nipple going inside the breast or pulling in of your nipple or other parts of the nipple
  8. Whether any liquid discharges from nipple- “ nipple discharges that starts suddenly”
  9. Any pain in any place of the breast. Which does not stay in one place moves frequently.—new pain in one spot that does not go away

This are the main technique for home diagnosis of Breast cancer. If any of the above mentioned symptoms matches with you don’t just think that you have been attacked by breast cancer? For example: most women’s both breast are not of same size. There are slight mismatches in most of the women.  Again, if you find any swelling space in any place, it may not be cancerous. It can be a benign (not harmful) tumor. But as there is no alternative of being cautious. So you must go to doctor without any delay.  Another case found that, due to in taking different kinds of medicines nipples discharges liquid substances from it. Sometimes it is while like milk or of any other color. So, none of these are natural event, you must communicate with your doctor if you find any of the symptoms.

  1. Clinical Examination: In USA every person goes under health insurance. So, every woman can conduct mammography once in her whole life. If it needs to be done for the second time, you have to pay huge amount of bucks. Then, insurance companies do not agree to do any kinds of helps. As per study of developed countries, you must to mammography once in three years after your daughter cross the age 15. After 40 years of age, you must do it once in a year.
  2. If you find anything suspicious in mammography, you have to do ultrasonography to be surer. In ultrasonography, you can find whether it is cyst or fibroid or any other kinds of tumor. After that, doctor’s tells to do MRI. Though it is a bit costly, doctors do not suggest it. But you must be sure by taking substances from breast to be ensured. If it is a cancer, then treatment is planned in stages.

But it is a matter of a great sorrow that, most women can identify it after going to stage 3 or final stage.

If you can find this article, you must follow the rules and regulations that have been mentioned above. But you have to be careful and conscious about it.

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