Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing Definition

Deep Breathing is a simple exercise which involves consciously slowing and deepening your breathing. In a number of researchers, it is demonstrated that deep breathing has many health benefits. In our today’s article, we will discuss the health benefits of deep breathing in stress management and relaxation.

When a person experiences anxiety, the body responds with symptoms that can include a racing heart, shallow breaths, sweating, a sense of fear or uneasiness, difficulty in concentration and a mind that is blank. These symptoms can range from being slightly uncomfortable to being totally debilitation. Deep breathing is used to initiate the body’s relaxation response. Relaxations are featured by slow breathing, lower blood pressure and a feeling of calmness. Deep breathing can be used in the moment when you are experiencing a situation that is stressful. But moreover, it is beneficial to practice when you already feel calm.

Our physical, mental and emotional strength depends on how deep we take our breathing. If we take small or shallow breathe our physical, mental and emotional strength will be weaker. And if we are weak in these sectors we will not be able to face different challenges properly.

The way our body is systemized, 70% of our body toxins are released through breathing. The more proper breathing you do, the more you can release your toxins.

If you adopt a wrong way of breathing then other organs of your body need to work more to release the toxins of your body. As a result, different kinds of ailments start to attack us.

How to do Deep Breathing

To begin the deep breathing, try to sit in a comfortable position. You just slowly take in a deep breath, hold it and then slowly release it. Each one of these steps will be timed to last for 5 seconds.

But it is important that you time yourself when you are practicing on your own. It is easy to go too quickly if you are not paying attention. One quick tip before we get started to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. As if you are blowing through a straw. This will assist you to slow yourself down.

Consult your physician before this practice, especially if you have a history of epilepsy or heart disease. You must make it sure that, you do the exercise regularly.

We will discuss the techniques of deep breathing. It is very easy to do so. You can do it anywhere and at any time. You can do it how long you want. You can do it sitting on the chair or while sleeping.

First of all, make your breath empty.  Keep your eyes closed. Now take breathe for five seconds. Hold it for 3 seconds. And release it for five seconds. But it is better to exhale the more lately you can do it. But it must not be less than 5 seconds. I personally try to keep it up to 20 seconds. This is my own experience. But standard timing is 5 seconds to exhale.

Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

How many times do you breathe in a day?

We should practice deep breathing the many times possible for us to do it. There is no prescribed timing for doing deep breathing. Whenever you face any kind of difficult situation, just start doing deep breathing. It is not a matter, in what situation you are up to.

Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Normally when we breathe normally, we intake 500ml oxygen. But while deep breathing, we intake 5000-10000 ml oxygen. As a result, our whole body becomes energized and blood gets enriched with more oxygen. Oxygenated blood circulates throughout the whole body. And our red blood cells absorb the oxygen and finally transferred to our heart. in the below description we are discussing about health benefits of deep breathing.

Starting from the brain to each and every tissue of our body, it requires oxygen. Where oxygen is not supplied that organ will become weaker. There will be an imbalance of chemicals. Different types of diseases will attack us.

So as a circumstance, to energize our whole body we need oxygen. Which is not provided by normal breathing? As a result, deep breathing required.

If you do not take deep breathing, then different kinds of impurity attack your body. Because deep breathing provides purity to our blood and it purifies our blood. It increases the flow of oxygen which helps to save us from many ailments.

Deep breathing works like a silent painkiller. As through deep breathing, our body releases endorphins in any places of our body. You can treat it as feel-good chemicals. You will start to feel good. Your pain starts vanishing. If you are facing any kind of a pain in any place of your body, you can try this technique. If you start doing deep breathing, you will find that you are getting relaxation.

Deep breathing increases our metabolism. Such as our digestion becomes better. We can work actively throughout the day.

Deep breathing stops you from overeating. As we need to eat more to gain energy for several times. But overeating does not provide you energy. You only gain fat by overeating. You fall prey to obesity. Which borne many diseases. But deep breathing stops you from any problems.

When someone practices deep breathing regularly, he/she can avoid fatal disease like cancer. Deep breathing helps to provide necessary oxygen to every cell of our body. As a result, each and every organ of our body stay healthy. Because due to lack of oxygen our body cell starts dying and we don’t even know it. From that point, cancer starts.

Deep breathing is that type medicine that works more than hundreds of medicines. If we can make it as a habit, we can keep ourselves safe from different diseases.

Moreover, deep breathing maintains glow of your skin. According to doctors, it improves textures of your body.

When you do deep breathing regularly, it eradicates negativity from you. Deep breathing helps to release carbon dioxide from your body. The more oxygen we intake, the more positive and proactive we feel. When you find a lot of negativity in you, then you must think that you are not being able to release carbon dioxide from your body. And the only way to release the substances from your body is deep breathing. And oxygen will get the opportunity to enter your body. And it increases positivity in you.

Deep breathing ensures sound sleep. Those who cannot sleep early and cannot get up early in the morning it helps them to get up early in the morning as your body remains energized. Deep breathing helps to sleep deeply.

Moreover sleeping deeply will help you to regain energy so early. Make the habit of sleeping by breathing deep. You will get a deeper sleep. You can sleep less but it’s intensity increases.

Deep breathing helps to get a better relationship. You can maintain a good relationship with your family. You may be thinking that what the relationship between deep breathing and relationship is.

Deep breathing will help you to stay cool-headed. You will not react promptly. You will understand the situation. And you can handle it in the best way.

Wherever you will be, you can easily handle the situation. Due to reactions, we enter into unnecessary problems. It is due to shallow breathing and we face negativity. We feel irritated and frustrated. The inflow of oxygen remains less in our body.

There is no other alternative to reach more oxygen to our body except deep breathing. The more calm and cool you can remain while working.

You may have noticed the issue that, those work in a green environment they are calmer and quiet. They hold less carbon dioxide within themselves. This makes the difference. This is the reason people in different places act differently.

The most crucial benefits of deep breathing are you will age slowly. You will not get old fast. You will have a long life. They look more active and energized. You will look younger than your age. Because they are relaxed within themselves. Their emotions remain down.

Conclusion: Our last word is, the importance and health benefits of deep breathing exists in every sphere of life whether it is personal, medical, religion etc. So try to make deep breathing as your life pattern. It keeps your physical health, emotional health; mental health will remain risk-free. You cannot manage any problem if you are not balanced. Only deep breathing will help you to maintain all these situations with proper care. So, we must make deep breathing as part of our daily life.