Foods to Avoid While Menses

Women’s may face different kinds of problem during and before monthly period. For example depression, pain is breast, fluctuation of mood, digestion problem, vomiting tendency, constipation, diarrhea, unwillingness to eat anything etc.

Another problem that women need to face severely is pain in the womb. There are some foods by avoiding which these pain or other problems can be solved a bit. In this article about the foods to avoid while menses.

Foods Enriched with Caffeine:

If women avoid the foods that are enriched with caffeine, problems while pregnancy mostly reduced .

Foods enriched with caffeine like chocolate, coffee, tea, cold drinks are mainly responsible for problem raised while menses like digestion problem, tension, pain in breast.

Some of the energy drinks also contains caffeine.  By leaving these drinks, green tea, water and juice can be taken.