Dark Chocolate Benefits

No matter you are old or young some of the things are liked by everyone, so is the chocolates. Everyone likes to eat chocolate, but when we were in our childhood. Our Parents always used to say don’t eat chocolate germs will attack your teeth. But if I say Chocolate has many benefits or saying Dark Chocolate Benefits. I can surely say that there is a smile and everyone is eager to know what the Dark chocolate benefits are and how it is good for us, so keep reading the post you will get all of the details about the dark chocolate in details.

Dark chocolate has most of the cacao content that is the main ingredients of the chocolate that makes the Dark chocolate to taste bitter. They are rich in antioxidants properties. They are made and processed by the raw cocoa seeds, highly rich in flavones. These actions against the free radicals by showing a negative charge on it.

Dark Chocolate Benefits


100 g of Dark Chocolate is rich in many of the other nutrients and minerals-:

Fiber 11 grams, manganese 98% RDA, Copper 89% of RDA, magnesium 58% of RDA

But on the other hand if we eat anything in excess then it can harm us, so is the Dark Chocolate. As 100g of dark chocolate isn’t a small amount of Dark chocolate.  Consuming 100g of Dark Chocolate isn’t good for the health. At last, it is a chocolate.


Dark Chocolate Benefits

Now let us see the 4 Top benefits of the dark chocolate i.e. how dark chocolate helps us to be fit and healthy.

1-Lowers the Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate helps us increase the level of nitric oxide in the body i.e. naturally created inside the body. Magnesium helps in decrees the level of blood pressure and though the Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium. Hence, dark chocolate lowers the blood pressure.

2-Increases metabolism

The dark chocolate helps to decrease the LDL level in the body that is the bad cholesterol. Hence, the heart-healthy increases the metabolism increases.


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3-Decreases Cholesterol

It is found by the survey that the peoples who eat Dark chocolate frequently, have less cholesterol and hence they are fit. As the Dark chocolate helps to decrease the level of LDL that is Low-density lipoprotein that is also known as bad cholesterol that stops or resists the blood to reach the heart. And the HDL i.e. High-density lipoprotein is increased that s also known as Good cholesterol.

4-Increases Heart health

As the heart as less cholesterol by the increase of the HDL level in the body hence there is less chance or less risk of the cardiovascular disease. And the heart health is increased.



Dark chocolate has many benefits as mentioned above, they are made by the raw cacao so they are bitter (little) in taste but very healthy, to eat frequently but in a small amount. They help to decrease the heart disease level, increase metabolism, decrease the blood pressure etc.