Chinese Food During Pregnancy

Can Pregnant Women Eat Chinese Food

Are you a pregnant woman? Do you like to have Chinese food? Then you have to know whether this Chinese food is safe for you or not. There are so many conventional myths around us regarding cooking procedure of Chinese foods especially for pregnancy. Most common myth out of these is: children of that mother become naughty who eats Chinese foods while pregnancy. In this article we are going to learn what cautionary measures to be taken while taking Chinese food during pregnancy.

Reasons to avoid Chinese food during pregnancy:

  • While cooking Chinese foods a lot of sauce mixed with sugar is used which is good for pregnant woman not to eat.
  • A great amount of Vinegar is used in this food especially while preparing sushi.
  • Vinegar is also used while cooking Chinese rice as a result it becomes salted and sweet.
  • Dieticians discourage pregnant women to have food enriched with sodium and fat.

    Chinese food during pregnancy
    Chinese food during pregnancy


You can also ask a question. If Chinese women can breed a healthy child after taking Chinese foods then why can’t you do so?

Most accused components used while preparing Chinese foods is Monosodium Glutamate. This component is used at a great quantity. To increase the taste of Chinese foods they use Aghinomto. It is a Glutomic acid which is an unnecessary Amino Acid. However, it is a type of Axito toxin. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is harmful for a developing brain and nervous system. In a report it was informed that, MSG and aspartame (another Axito toxin) is used in Chinese food at a great quantity.  That can easily break prevention of placental   easily and excites the brain of developing sperm. There is a exciting neurotransmitter which makes the brain excited. It can cause autism, sejofrenia, and cerebral pulse after born.   It is apprehended in medical science that, due to intake of MSG it creates with a trend of criminal behavior or crime and irregular violence mentality within children.

The NSW food authority is a government agency which helps in food safety and labeling. This organization has forbidden some foods for pregnant women.  They have instructed to take some food with cautiousness. Some foods have been blacklisted because they have life taking bacteria like wisteria and salmonella.

Some Chinese food during pregnancy should not be eaten:

  1. If salami and chicken is cooked in 750 degree Celsius or more.
  2. If meat is not cooked properly.
  3. Is sushi and butter is not cooked in 75 degree Celsius temperature.
  4. Ice-cream, pancake and packed salad, soybean sprout.

Chinese food during pregnancy that can be eaten:

  1. Chicken that is cooked in house.
  2. Cook the meat on the date of eating.
  3. Before buying any components preserve the level and know the preserving procedure.
  4. Subsequently, before taking the Chinese food than have a look at the components and find the food with less sauce.