Cancer in Homeopathy: A Brief Outlook.

Cancer in homeopathy:

According to scholars, ignorance is a great problem of mankind. Due to not knowing the right thing we become discriminated in every sphere of our life. Also we sometimes face harm or damage in different times. But if you are ignorant in case of diseases then simple mistake can bring a huge damage or harm in your life. Mere ignorance can make you unable to move. Sometimes you may even die. in this article we will find a brief discussion about cancer in homeopathy:

A huge number of people become affected by cancer every year. But all of them do not get proper treatment. Only a portion gets proper treatment. Other does not get the real treatment.

Allopathic medication can be called as standard medical science and homeopathic treatment can be called as advanced treatment. Homeopathy has the power to heal many complex diseases like tumor and cancer. Homeopathic doctors have been treating cancer and tumor for the last two hundred years. Nonetheless in allopathic it has started just 60 years back. Before that, allopathic doctor could not give any proper medicines to cancer patients. If placement of tumor and cancer is in a vantage-ground they used to remove it by operation otherwise they could not give any solution to it.

In recent times, allopathic doctors are using some deadly chemical medicine for several month at a stretch. They have named it as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has such type of side effects which compels patient die prematurely.

Most deadly side-effect of chemotherapy is brain damage or incapability to remember anything. They can’t remember anything also can’t understand which word to say after which words. Also they can’t do more than one work at a time. They take much time to take decision in silly matters. Patient forget everything for some time. Also they can’t learn anything new. Doctors has named this sickness as chemo brain.

There are also some other side effects of chemotherapy that are mentioned below:

  1. Stomatitis;
  2. Gastric ulcers.
  3. Severe anemia
  4. Weight loss.
  5. Hair loss.
  6. Liver damage
  7. Damage of listening power.

Chemotherapy makes the patient weak in such a way that, patient becomes bedfast for several month. Main problem of chemotherapy is, you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is not sure, whether you will be cured or not. But one thing is sure that, you will be a beggar after treatment. But you can take homeopathy treatment as thousand times less cost than allopathic treatment.

One thing people should consider. If you even don’t take allopathic medicine for cancer you will live longer in compared to taking treatment.

According to impartial medical scientist, there is no proof that chemotherapy, operation and radiation can make any good to patient. However these systems expedite the way to death by disabling the immune system of the body.

According to Doctor George Mathe, “I am not affected by cancer, but I will never take chemotherapy, radiotherapy, operation. Because those cancer patients who can keep themselves far from these can only hope to live.”

Doctor J. C Barnett created revolution in homeopathy in treating cancer. His fame spread all over the world in the period 1870 to 1910 in treating cancer and tumor. He discovered most of the conventional cancer medicines in homeopathy. Due to testing these dangerous medicines in his body, he had to die young.

Barnett proved in his long research that, one of the main reasons of cancer and tumor is vaccine. His first invented that, Thuja Occidentalis is capable of treating side effect ailments of vaccine. He used to say that, normal homeopathic doctors can’t treat cancer or tumor. It needs a specialized one.

He invented a system that is called “ladder system” of treating cancer or tumor. That means, as you need to go through several step in the ladder like that, you have to adopt several methods to treat cancer. But you have to go according to symptoms.

Now come to cancer research. According to Dr. Linus  Pauling, PhD, (two times Nobel Prize winner for cancer research)- “Everybody should know that, most of the cancer research is nothing but hoaxing. Most of the cancer research institutes are busy in oiling of sponsors. Cancer research is one of the most profitable business in present world. Throughout the last 50 years they received billions of dollars as help but could discover nothing new. For the last 100 years, they are telling that, they are so near in inventing medicine of cancer.

Attack of cancer is increasing radically day by day. In a statistics it is shown that, in 1940s only 12% people in Australia died in cancer. Now it has increased to 25%.

Some chemical substances are pushed in human body in the name of chemotherapy, that has never used in human body. So, cancer every attacks you, then never go to allopathic doctor. Find the best homeopathic doctor in your country. I can assure you though homeopathy can’t cure you 100% but you will live longer life compared to life after allopathic treatment.