Best Soundproofing Foam

Hello guys. Today I will show and discuss an exciting element that you can use to stop annoying echo from your room. For the last couple of months, I was being bombarded with an echo from every direction in my room. I have tried many types of solutions but that did not work. Likewise, I used old-fashioned DIY way and basically layer towels and frames while that would certainly be effective. It wouldn’t have the portability that I require is that I am constantly on the move. On the top of that, a towel frame would weigh considerably more than foam. I can’t nail anything to these walls as my apartment was rented.

And at that very moment almost perfect timing actually, arrow zoom reached to my studio. Ahh! It has provided me a great deal of comfort which can’t be mentioned in words. I have gone through many alternatives which were very good but could not give me the ultimate satisfaction.  But arrow zoom gave me remarkable benefits which I am mentioning in my below write-ups:

Arrow zoom offers a great variety of panel for any style room and any content creator. You can choose between pyramids hemispherical egg crate stripped or beveled tiles most of which come in either 25 or 50-centimeter lengths and width. The particular dimension of the one I am using is 50 by 50 centimeters and 5 centimeters thick.

For this application, the thicker the better and I opted for the pyramid design because it offers more surface area for which to absorb sound and that’s kind of the point here. I would say though, under most circumstances it’s just going to come down to preference what you think will look on camera.

On top of that, air assumes great design selection you also have the freedom of choosing your foam panel color as you can see black and white all the way for me. White obviously compliments Walter white and black kind of fills in the gaps. I have got a bit of checkered board theme going on right now but actually don’t mind and of course, you can go with any color combo you like and just one color. Though I recommend you divvy it up a bit the foam panels themselves from a quality control standpoint are exactly what I expected them to be thick flexible and light.

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Again I want to emphasize the fact that, the foam panels are not the best solutions for dampening sounds. It is just the ideal solutions for someone like myself. These require zero maintenance and zero preparation, save the mounting tape are very easy to store and relocate and perfect for me. For added benefits, you can purchase arrow zooms based wrap kit to absorb even more of that unwanted feedback particularly the lows.

And you have very sensitive microphones like I do, you can’t see it’s the blue nothing new. But if you have something like that, the base trap kits going to come very handy actually plan on obtaining that next. Soon to mounting, I did not realize this but most of these kits actually include mounting strips then little pieces of 3m tape that do the job. I purchase 3 m scotch tape which I still recommend for peace of mind as they are thicker and stronger. One roll was enough for 12 panels and on 5 pieces on each originally I plan to use only four cuts for each panel but the middle was always kind of slightly bulging adding that fifth strip into the middle corrected the minor issue now in terms of layout what you place where kind of depends on the room.

I spaced each individual tile out originally with about three inches in between and found that it did not dampen the sound as much as placing chunks of them next to each other did fix mint a bit until you find your ideal sound.

The good thing is 3m tape is safely removable. Just ensure that you are pulling the tape up from the wall and not the foam up from the tape that would not really be cool.