Best Homeopathy Medicine for Epilepsy or Seizure

Best Homeopathy Medicine for Epilepsy or Seizure

Homeopathic treatment system is one of the best way of treating epilepsy. In this article I will discuss some of the best Homeopathy medicine for Epilepsy. Because Homeopathy has got the power to heal epilepsy. You can find more suggestions of healing epilepsy from this website also.

Epilepsy or seizure means that, lose of connection with brain due to load shedding or fluctuation of voltage in brain for which a person loses his thought and convulsion starts in body for a certain time period.  Convulsion bends the whole body for some time and patient starts to shout and fingers of hands and legs get bent. Patient stools unintentionally.

After affected by epilepsy, patient gets weaker and goes under deep sleep. Patient can’t remember what he did while getting through sickness. Another symptoms epilepsy are patient sees unusual, listens something unusual, changing of behavior for some time and shaking of a certain organ of body for some time, starting to sweat suddenly, losing sense for a moment, tendency to vomit, getting afraid without any reasons, looking upper side with bent eyes etc.

Reasons of epilepsy:

  1. Getting hit in the head.
  2. Infection in brain.
  3. Brain tumors.
  4. Diseases in blood
  5. Lack of equilibrium of minerals in the body.

Attacks of epilepsy can be after one or two days. Sometimes it can happen after an year also. It can continue throughout the year. However, it can come in sleep. Normally physical excitement, bright light blinking, listening acute sound suddenly and emotional excitement are starting of epilepsy or convulsion.

Medicine of epilepsy:

  1. Bufo Rana: This Medicine Is made up from poison of frog. It is the best medicine for epilepsy. While observing the patient of it is found that, their physical jesture and jumping matches with the nature of frog. The young boy or girls who have been masturbating or having excessive and attacked by epilepsy. And Bufo Rana is number one medicine for them.

Main symptom: at the beginning of ailment, patient starts shouting and after that patient go to sleep.

Epilepsy come at the middle of night, while sexual excitement. Convulsion normally comes while sleeping. Sleep may break or not. After getting up from sleep acute headache starts. Patient likes cold wind. Ailments  increases in hot room.

  1. Cuprum Met: it is the most powerful Homeopathy medicine of epilepsy.

Main symptoms: 1. Eyelid turn to upper side, finger of hand convulses, body gets bend at back side. Epilepsy start when patient come in touch with water.  Patient is so angry,  likes to do harm to other people etc.