Best Homeopathy Medicine for Abscess

Best Homeopathy Medicine for Abscess

Abscess means, when a certain place of your body get swelled and later pile gets out from that place then it can be called as abscess. Abscess can be painful or painless. Most people think that, all abscesses should be piled and taken away from body otherwise it would be detrimental for your body. But, there is no scientific base behind this.

But this is not the case. You just select the right medicine and medicine will decide the fate of the abscess.

Belladona: Belladona should be used at the beginning of the abscess when it just shown its face and infected places is hot and started pain by being red. Belladona does not let the abscess to get ripened. Abscess ends at the beginning.

Heper Sulph: it is the most best homeopathy medicine for abscess. The abscess which is very painful and can’t be just touched due to pain then don’t forget to use this medicine. If you want to ripe it then use the medicine in lower power. Neither you can use higher power to make it vanished.

Arnica Montana: Main symptom of Arnica is that it has great pain in the abscess. If you only touch that, it has great pain and the patient gets afraid when he see someone to come to him. The patient becomes careful, thus the abscess never gets pushed.

And also keep it in mind that, if the reason behind abscess is injury then don’t think twice just go for Arnica.

Arnica is not only a medicine for pain but also it has a great healing power of abscess. It works as an antibiotic medicine.

Silicea: When abscess is not being cured after long days of cumulus and speed of getting cured is so slow then this medicine can be used.

Merc Solubilis: cumulus has already been gathered in the abscess. And pain increases at night . Merc sol should be used in this case. When there is any inflammation in tooth enamel then think about merc sol in number one.

Lachesis: if the color of abscess is bluish-red then lachesis is most suitable medicine.

 Echinicea Angustifolia: it is called homeo antibiotic. Any kind of abscess can be cured by this medicine.

Acid Nitricum: Who suffered from syphilis in past or whose parents suffer from syphilis Acid Nitricum should be used for curing their son’s abscess.