Best Homeopathic Vitamin for Children

Best Homeopathic Vitamin for Children:

Calcarea Phosphorica is the best homeopathic vitamin for children. This is not only used for kids but also people of any age can use this medicine. Starting from mother’s womb till getting old a person should take this medicine at any moment of his or her life. It can be after fifteen days of seven days.
If pregnant women take this medicine when they are pregnant, it helps to build children’s bone, teeth, nose, eye, brain etc and help to give birth to a perfect child.

Calcarea Phosphorica will save your children from being harelip, cleft palate, rickets patient, epicene, dwarfish, spine bifida, heart patient, skin diseases, kidney problem etc. Every pregnant should take this medicine every seven to fifteen days while pregnancy. Patient can continue this medicine till the end.

If you feed this medicine to your child regularly, they will have a good health and ailments can’t attack them easily. If you feed Calcarea phos regularly then there is no need to vaccination to your child. You can consider this medicine as alternative to vaccination. This is the best vaccine for your child in this world.

The children who have borne by open fontanels they must be fed with this medicine. This medicine can eradicate Nasal polypus, anal polypus or uterine polypus or soft tumors. In these cases, children can use  Calcarea phos for long time.

If your face breaking of bone or fracture of bone then Calcarea phos helps to unite it fast. Naturally if a fracture or breaking of bone takes a year to be unite then if you take Calcarea phos it will just need 3 months to unite it. Any ailment regarding bones, it works best for it.

In case of backache and weakness in knee joint, don’t forget to take Calcarea phos.

There are some children who borne by weakness in ankles as a result it gets late to learn to walk. Sometimes they can’t stand. In that case, it worksa as panacea.

In case of weakness of back Calcarea phos in very important medicine.

Some people or children cant’ read sitting on chair for some times and they start feeling backache in that case you can use it.

Also in the case of spinal weakness it is very useful medicine. Also in the case of lumbago it is very good medicine.

Some people feel stiffness in neck and can’t round the head to right side or left side. In that case also it is a good medicine.

Some children are born with big head or their head gets bigger after born in that case also this is considered to be best vitamins for children.

If ailments increase while thinking about it you should take this medicine.

Calcarea Phos great medicine for tonsillitis and acne vulgaris or pimples in face.

It is another excellent medicine for diabetes. It increases your basal metabolism and eradicates your diabetes.

Calcarea Phos helps proper growing of teeth and root will be strong of the tooth. Side by side, it will save your children from side diseases of tooth growing like diarrhea, indigestion and convulsion etc.

There are some children who have grown a lot but their tooth have not grown yet they can also be treated with this medicine.

Some children suffer from headache throughout the year; in that case also this is an excellent vitamins for children. When children go to school regularly and feel pressure of study they face headache. Especially their headache increases then exam comes front. So use this medicine, in case of student life headache.

There is another disease which is called Cretinism. In that disease also it can be used.

Due to reduction of activity of thyroid gland you can also face goitre. Try Calcarea phos to treat this ailment also.


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