Best Homeopathic Medicine for Hair-loss or Hair Fall

Homeopathic Solution for Hair Loss or Hair Fall:

There are different causes of baldness or Hair fall, so different medicines necessitates to cure this sickness. These medicines are to be used for a couple of months at a stretch.

Herewith I am mentioning the names of some homeopathic medicines for treating baldness or hair fall:

Arnica Montana: Arnica has the power to grow new hair. Use this medicine at power Q, 3 or 6 by mixing with coconut oil by messaging in hair or head.

Thuja Occidentalis: One of the main reasons for hair fall is vaccination. (BCG, DPT, ATS, Polio, Hepatities etc).

Vaccination not only causes dandruff but also it makes your hair thin. And at after a certain time of thinning hair falls and baldness occurs. So if you find hair fall or hair loss after one to two months of vaccination just use Thuja at the very first time. Specially who are suffering from wart along with dandruff. These patients should take two to three dosages of Thuja Occidentalis.

Jaborandi: This medicine is mostly used for growing hair. If you use this medicine for long time it can make the white hair black. Now use at lower power like Q, 3, 6 mixing with coconut oil or message the oil with bald area.

Lycopodium: It is the best medicine for baldness. Specially in the case when, there is hair around it but baldness at the middle. Main symptom of Lycopodium is that, problem in digestion and uring throughout the year and huge amount of gas in the belly. They look older than their age. Unhealthy figure but brain is very good. Use this medicine at 10000 power after 15 days for several times.

Selenium: Selenium is another good medicine for baldness specially who has constipation problem. Those who get weak with less labor. They think a lot about sex but sex power is weaker.

Natrum Mur: If women lose their hair after giving birth to child then feed them this medicine.

Flouricum Acid: Flouric acid is a very good medicine for those patients who are very jolly people. Take this medicine at 10000 power after every 15 days for some time. And later time, you should take medicine at more power.