Best Homeopathic Medicine for Leaving Addiction

Best Homeopathic Medicine for Leaving Addiction

The people who are using liquors, ganja (Marijuana), heroine etc. for long time, it is very difficult for them to stop using it suddenly. Because, some severe problems starts due to stop using. For that reason, quantity of drug should be reduced slowly in every week.  In this way, one may stop usage of drug finally. Side by side, the problems that may arise due to stop using of drug should be treated by having some homeopathic medicine. You can find the best homeopathic medicine for leaving addiction.

Sometimes it happens that, though long endeavor can help to leave drug addiction but if the addicted people get any opportunity of using this then they again start using drugs because they cherish a dormant willingness to use it.

In that connection some rules may be followed like: giving time to wife/husband/children, curiosity to knowledge, being faithful or practicing religion, helping mankind, video game, drawing picture, photography, internet browsing etc.

Now I am mentioning the name of some homeopathic medicine which works best to abandon drug addiction:

Avena Sativa: Avena Sativa is one of the best medicine for leaving addiction to heroin and ephedrine.  Those people, who drink a lot o heroine, just reduce the quantity of using heroin and side by side start using Avena Sativa _ (15 drops each time and three times a day).

On the contrary, who take small quantity of heroin-ephedrine, just stop using it and take 50 drops of Avena Sativa every day for three times. It will not cause any physical problem. Avena Sativa is can manage those withdrawal symptoms that may arise due to stopping drugs suddenly. Use Avena Sativa Mixing with Half Glass of lukewarm hot water ha.

Nux Vomica: Nux Vomica can fill the harm that may cause to human body due to using liquors or fancidil. Side by side one can use this medicine to leave the addiction to drug like liquors and fencidil. Quantity will be 5 to 10 drops and power will be (Q, 3, 6).

Acid Sulph: It has a magical power to leave addiction. Generally addicted people lose it attraction to liquors-marijuana or other items after using this medicine for 2 to 4 days. Patient should eat 5 to 10 drops each time. And two to three times for a week. If addicted people do not like to have medicine they can be fed this medicine mixing with liquor or fensidil. Also you can use it with tea, water, and milk.

Asarum Europaeum: This medicine helps to leave addiction to drug by reducing effect of liquors and fencidyl on human body. You can inhale it for 5 t 15 drops three times a day.  Regular use of this medicine help to leave ephedrine.

You can learn how to select homeopathic medicine from this article.

Natrum Phos: Addicted people should use it for reducing addiction to morphine, ephedrine, and heroin. Take this medicine for three times a day at power Q, 3, and 6. Also reduce taking these additives. And at one certain time stop taking these drugs. Nat. phos helps to eradicate those problems that may arise due to stopping additives.