Best Homeopathic Medicine for Anemia

Best Homeopathic Medicine for Anemia

Anemia does not mean that, there is no blood in human body. Then one should consider that, here is less blood than necessity. Lack of nutritious food, excessive bleeding with monthly period, serious accident, destruction of blood cell due to sickness etc may cause anemia. This article will help you to find best homeopathic medicine for Anemia.

When anemia affects a patient, their face gets pallid, they look weak, tiredness are shown all over the body, heart beat is increased, jaundice, paralysis in leg and hands, pain throughout the body, reduction of remember power, etc. in treating anemia any homeopathy medicine should be eaten at lower power (Q, 3, 6) and three times a day. Side by side patient should take nutritious food like milk, eggs, read meat, vegetables and fruits.

Ferrum Met: This is the number one medicine in treating anemia. Main symptom of this medicine are face color is white and face color becomes red when patient are emotional.

Also hands, legs and face looks swell and patient feels tired at slight labor. Someone vomits after eating. They always shiver from coldness and suffers from fever at evening. In some cases, ferrum phos works better that ferrum met.

According Suslar, firstly patient should take Calcarea phos and then s/he should continue Ferrum phos.  It is also another best homeopathic medicine for anemia.

Lecithinum: This medicine is made up from egg yolk. It is one of the best medicine for anemia. Those who are suffering from lace of hemoglobin in blood.

According some medical scientist, it works magically in case of blood cancer, thalassemia etc.

Pulsatilla Pratensis: If anemia causes due to excessive inhale of iron medicine. Girls who cry easily, like open wind, lack of thirst, problem of ulcer, problem of amenorrhea, pulsatilla works best for them.

China Officinalis: It is one of the best Homeopathic medicine for anemia. If necessary liquid gets out of the body and anemia causes due to this China works best for it. Such as blood gets out of body due to excessive bleeding for an accident, feeding breast milk to child, long time diarrhea, excessive sex or ejaculation, excessive bleeding during monthly period etc. Symptoms of China: feels weight in head, reduction of power in eye, losing mind easily, sound in the ear, reduction of digestion power, and excessive gas in the belly.

Chininum Arsenicosum: It can also treat anemia. Specially where there is weakness, tiredness, headache, excessive sweating etc. It may sometimes treat Pernicious anemia.

Alfalfa: it can be used in treating anemia. It increases appetite, increase digestion power and increases weight of body. Alfalfa can greatly treat Anemia caused due to malnutrition. And if someone wishes, they can use this medicine through life. It has no side effects.