Best Blood Pressure Monitor in Present Time

Best Blood Pressure Monitor of Present Time

In the present world blood pressure is a common problem in most of the people and you can’t keep yourself safe unless you have the best blood pressure monitor. Almost 1 of 5 people of the world is suffering from blood pressure which is a matter of great concern. Blood pressure can’t be left without proper follow up. Because, it can kill patient anytime. So, patients who are suffering from blood pressure should keep this under close monitoring. And blood pressure monitors are indispensable elements to keep blood pressure under control. In this post we will discuss about best blood pressure monitor that are available in the market at present. We will try to give realistic reviews on the blood pressure monitors.

If you are facing health problem that are related to health, you must keep a close eyes on blood pressure number.

Also, if you are using medicine for blood pressure, it I must to record exact blood pressure reading. If you can’t find the real readings then it would be difficult for the patient as well as doctor to find the quantity of medicine that will require.

If you fail to keep up to date data of blood pressure it can be a detrimental mistake. Blood pressure is responsible for 12.5% people’s death around the world. Center for disease control says that, 1 out of every 3 American people are suffering from blood pressure.

But the good news is that, blood pressures monitors are found in the market are enriched with different options. Also they are inexpensive, accurate, portable and discreet.

Types of blood pressure monitors:

Manual: Manual blood pressure monitors are the oldest form of monitors among the blood pressure monitors. They can provide you with the accurate result if you can calibrate it correctly. It is also called as Aka Sphygmomanometers. These kinds of blood pressure monitors are cheaper in price in comparison to the digital blood pressure monitors. The machines do not require electricity.

Upper arm style: It is most commonly used by many doctors. It is used by wrapping the upper of the arm. It provides the most accurate results. Though, some of the upper arm blood pressure monitors are big in size side by side uncomfortable too.

Wrist style: These kinds of blood pressure monitors are small in size. These monitors are more tactful compared to upper arm style. These are less accurate compared to upper arm monitors.

Digital Monitors:

Digital monitors are able to inflate by its own. Some of the monitors can also show information via smart phone or internet. But these monitors require electricity. Most of the monitors run by battery and AC adaptor.

Things to consider while buying a Blood Pressure Monitor:

Complication of Monitor: You may feel contented to use a smart phone compatible blood pressure monitor if you are a tech savvy person. If it is not then you may go for a simple product. Digital blood pressure monitor that has modern features may seem complicated in comparison with simpler blood pressure monitor.

Fitting of Cuff with arm: Blood pressure monitors that are used with upper arm may not fit with the cuff.  These are not adjustable. So before buying these blood pressure monitors, you should ask this issue with the seller. If you buy the product through internet, then visit the product details in Amazon or other online marketing website.

What is the method to use: To take a measurement of blood pressure, some of the monitors require the bend or move the are at a certain level thus you can get the accurate result. As an example, some of the wrist blood pressure monitors require your hand to move toward you chest. If you can’t apply the proper procedure to use it, you will not get the accurate result. Side by side, other types of monitor does not require any movement of wrist or hand.

Natural way to control Blood Pressure:

Researchers have innovated so many natural ways to control blood pressure. We are mentioning most of the natural ways to control blood pressure.

Loose Extra Weight: There is a close relation between blood pressure and extra weight. As overweight person feel problem while breathing at the time of sleep which subsequently raises blood pressure. So weight loss is a worldwide acceptable system of reducing weight. It is considered to be one of the effective ways to control blood pressure. Losing only 10 pounds of weight can contribute remarkably to reduce your weight.

Regular physical Exercise: Doing regular exercise for 15 to 30 minutes every day can reduce you blood pressure by 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury (mm hg). But you have to be consistent because exercise should be continued to keep you blood pressure under control. Once stopped may increase the blood pressure again. If you have slight high blood pressure, regular exercise will save you from going to complete hypertension. And if you are affected by complete hypertension, then regular exercise will control your hypertension.

Maintain a healthy diet: Developing a food habit that is rich is whole grains, vegetables, Fruits  and low fat dairy product and low cholesterol can lower your blood pressure at least by 14 mm Hg. It is called as Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. You can follow the below tips to develop healthy diet:

  1. If you write down what you eat for just a week can bring a mentionable change in your eating habits. Monitor what you eat, how much you eat and at what time you eat meticulously.
  2. Potassium has a capability to reduce the effect of sodium on blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of potassium in food. You can take help from your doctor to know your best potassium level that suits best in your body.
  3. Read you food labels when you shop and be determined to your healthy eating plan while eating.

Reduce sodium in your food: Even a small reduction of sodium in your diet can reduce blood pressure by 2 to 8 mm HG. So try to build the habit of taking less sodium. It is one of the main reason for increasing blood pressure.

  1. Try to choose the food alternatives that contain light sodium.
  2. Try to avoid processed foods. Because, most sodium in food is added while processing.
  3. Don’t add raw salt to your food. Only 1 level teaspoon has 2300 mg of sodium.

Meditate: Meditation is one of the best ways for reducing blood pressure. It soothes the mind. It also has a positive impact on mental condition. It reduces the tension level of human body.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors:

Best Blood Pressure Monitor: The BP785 10 by Omron

Omron BP 785

This is one of the best blood pressure monitor available in the market. The BP785 has the most richest feature in our list. This monitor double checks any every result which reduces the probability of displaying false result.


Detects irregular heart beat: This machine’s advanced algorithm can detect irregular heart beat. It has the capability to find anything unusual happening in your heart.

No False alarm: This monitors double checks every result. So there is hardly any probability of false alarm. So, you hardly need to worry about machine has mistook or not.

Hypertension alerts displaying: This display will let you know that, when you have to relax.

Advanced Calculation Features: This monitor has a advanced features to average you heart beat measurement altogether.


This blood pressure monitor has a complicated interface which may be a reason of old users. Fans of its previous versions may not like it. Omron has added so many new features this time around. But once you can figure out how to use them, it will bring a lot of joys.

Verdict: Built in features are best about this blood pressure monitor. If you are looking for basic feature monitor, you may go for Panasonic’s EW3109W or Santamedical’s Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

2. Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor: the BP652 7 by Omron


Omron’s BP652 7 is one of the most comfortable and portable blood pressure monitoring machine in present time in the wristband style blood pressure monitor category. This machine is so accurate, portable and discreet in design.


Automated inflation for accurate result: This Monitor Is very easy and comfortable to use. Just press the single button. The wristband itself fills with air. And start checking your blood pressure.

No disgusting noise- This blood pressure monitor does not make any unwanted noise. Though some of the monitors available in the market makes noise.

Looks like a wristwatch: This blood pressure monitor looks like a ordinary wrist watch. Some of the machines are bulky in design. On the other hand it is so handy and compact in design.

Blood pressure history is saved: another feature of the machine is: it saves the history of previous records. It helps to compare the condition of blood pressure.


The instructions are hard and confusing to understand.

Verdict: There are so many wrist band blood pressure monitor available in the market. We think that, it is most comfortable and discreet monitors. If you can once cope up with the usage of this, it will be very helpful for you in long run. Because you can use it like a wristwatch.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

3. Armband Blood Pressure Monitor: the BP786N 10 by Omron

This blood pressure machine is bulkier than the wrist style monitors. But these are very accurate in providing result. It has some lucrative designs which includes smart phone application. Due to this feature, it is one of the most popular blood pressure monitor in present time.


It is one of the most popular blood pressure monitors in amazon: it is in the top list of it is in the best seller list.

Compatible with apple and android smartphone: This blood pressure monitor is the only device that is compatible with smartphone. Information can be transferred from smart phone to monitor or monitor to smart phone by using free application.

Clear display: though some of the blood pressure does not have clean and large display. But this blood pressure monitor is very user friendly in consideration of large and clear display which is very user friendly.

Comfort: it has special characteristics. It device patented easy wrap comfit will not let your skin to get pinched or scratched.


Users will have to do some edit to fix a few boring format mistakes when you plan on organizing the data.


Though armband blood pressure monitors is liked by many doctors for getting the blood pressure information. Because, these are more accurate in compared to the other monitor. But these armband monitors are uncomfortable and difficult to use. But this blood pressure monitor is an exception. It is very easy to use.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

4. Digital blood pressure monitor: EW3109W by Panasonic

EW3109W by Panasonic

Though some of the users feel it well to use blood pressure monitor with some specification or advanced features. But most people like to have a simple machine. If you are seeking a super easy monitor that is very user friendly then EW3109W by Panasonic can be a best alternative. It is the best choice for the users who want a hassle free blood pressure measurement.


Easy operation: if you want to take the measure the blood pressure just press the button to do it.

Last 90 readings are saved: It has a built in memory chip which can save last 90 reading. As it is important to look at the ups and down of your blood pressure.

A carrying bag is provided: To make the carrying easier it has provided with a carrying to keep it folded.

The large display: The big display makes this blood pressure monitor a better choice for people who has some problems in their vision.


This blood pressure monitor is not equipped with an AC adapter so you will have to buy a adaptor yourself if you want to plug it into an outlet.

The Verdict

Our opinion about the blood pressure monitor is that, though it is not equipped with so many features but it does its basic job wonderfully. So you can go for it if your motive is only blood pressure monitoring.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

5. B2PM by Ozeri

Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor is equipped with a huge storage capacity. It has the capability to store more than 1150 reading previous blood pressure history. It also has a colorful display.


Built in memory– This blood pressure monitor is equipped with a built in storage capacity. It can show 1197 results.

Colorful display– It has also a multicolored display. Display color changes with the ups and downs of blood pressure.

Free size- This monitor fits all kinds of arms.

Fast result– It can provide a fast result.


It is a bit power consuming. It has a short battery life. Other than this it is a very good machine.

Our Verdict:

This blood pressure monitor’s can provide you result with the minimum requirement of time. Also it’s colorful LCD display is an added advantage. It’s also excellent for following your blood pressure in different time.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

6. Microlife Watch BP Home A

Microlife watch bp home a

Microlife WatchBP home A

Presently, Omron is the most popular blood pressure monitor for the patients, but Microlife would appear to be the most critically commended name in user BP monitors. It’s 3AC1-PC monitor tops in Best comparison chart of BP monitors with an unbeatable 100 out of 100 score, although closer inspection shows that the user rating is a lowly 1.7 out of 5.

Like the Omron machine, the WatchBP home is a individual machine. Although it does not go with mobile devices, the WatchBP home comes in a packaged version with its own software that makes it able the user to evaluate their readings on a computer.

Grippingly, this software comes on a 3″ CD-ROM, which may make you feel a little like a “blast from the past” for those of us who have developed to Macbook Airs or notebook machines, which typically no longer come equipped with CD drives.

Though other home blood pressure monitor that we found at offered general blood pressure monitoring, the WatchBP home is more exclusively sold as a device to be used by the patient in conjunction with a physician for distinguishing a trial fibrillation.

To enable this, the device has two different modes: Diagnostic and Usual. The Diagnostic mode should be elected under guidance from a physician as it conforms to clinical guiding principle for measuring hypertension. In this mode, two sets of blood pressure measurements are taken on 7 consecutive working days. As the measurements have to be taken at specific times during the day, the device thwarts the user from taking a reading from outside of the specified times. At the end of the Diagnostic period, the user is then necessitated to take the machine to their doctor for them to analyze the data.

It has happened to us that the Diagnostic mode could supply an answer for patients who experience “white coat syndrome,” where blood pressure readings are driven up easily from the effect of being in a doctor’s office

One obvious benefit of this mode over that of the Omron device is the Microlife machine automatically takes three readings in succession and averages the results, without the user having to swindle about to find a setting that assists this.

Where it evaluates less favorably to the Omron device is in the arm cuff, which is hard to self-apply. Both the cuff and device were also considered by the MNT office to be the least aesthetically pleasing of the available devices, too – featuring a noticeably more “clinical”-looking white and green-blue color scheme.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

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