Best Acupressure Mat for Back Pain

Best Acupressure Mat for Back Pain

The conventional  thoughts  about getting cured using acupressure mat is originated from the Chinese culture called chi (qi or ch’i) which means energy flow, life force, breath, or air.  Chi is the basic quality used in Chinese medicine.  These healing practices employ the body’s dynamic force flowing throughout the body.  When someone has stress and illness, chi gets blocked and he/she will suffer from a negative temperament and disposition along with negative outcomes inside the body.  Chi is the life force, the soul, your real meaning that is your inner self.  Tai chi is the exercise with what people are familiar with. In today’s article we will discuss about Best Acupressure Mat for back pain.

Chi is directed by certain points of acupressure inside human body on the back, feet, and hands to liberate chi so that it flows to the resultant part for healing to begin.  The acupressure inspiration frees  the stress, aches, and pains for enjoying a progressive journey to healthiness, and maybe enlightenment.

In this article we have evaluated and reviewed the best acupressure mat which you must love.  You may desire for user friendly, non-toxic, easy to maneuver mats that are not so expensive, easy to get cleaned, and easily bearable with you.

A Brief Description of Best Acupressure Mat

The first thing to know is what acupressure is.  The Chinese used this method which is known as acupuncture.  Massage therapists used this method by placing pressure on certain places  of the body for relieving tension, pain, sore tight muscles, and relaxation known as acupressure.  Needles are used in Acupuncture; but acupressure does not.

Acupuncture is substituted by using the acupressure method that heals and rejuvenates.  Acupressure does not use needles whereas acupuncture does, but puts stress on the eight meridians of Chinese medicine.

Acupressure mats uses spikes or discs naturally which is made of plastic that are engineered and designed for positioning stress on the meridian areas.  You can do this in the solitude of your home for pain and maintenance of the meridians.

Benefits of Acupressure Mats

Though mats do not take the place of a therapist, but surely it is a great way to relieve pain and some of the mats provide Japanese Shiatsu as well.

  • You can do this in the solitude of home for pain and maintenance of the meridians.
  • It saves your money for not going to a licensed therapist.
  • Use the mat everyday for an hour or twice in each week for at least 10 minutes.
  • Mat materials are pliable with built-in materials to reproduce acupuncture.
  • Acupressure mats are reasonable from $20 on up.
  • Acupressure mats are washable by hand and hardly have any odor.
  • Deliver immediate pain relief with the pressure points.
  • You might take a nap off for a refreshing moment after your warm and relaxing massage.
  • Helpful for blood circulation, by improving digestion, and metabolism and immune system when used consistently.

Many people find out that acupressure is a successful, efficient, and precious method to manage their pain.  Not only has it worked for back and neck pain, side by side it is used for many types of pain including toothaches.  Acupressure mats are a good way to uphold good health using the meridians for energy flow to feel healthy, energized, and pain free.

How to Use Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mat can be used on the floor, chair, on the bed, at the beach, on the back deck, or anywhere you like to spend some time for yourself with a massage.  Some utilize their mats as soon as they get up from bed.  This releases your body of toxins that is accumulated while you sleep.  Drink huge amount of water during the day.  Half your body weight in ounces is good. Try to do this every day.  When your urine is clear, toxins and impurities are gone.

  • For greater concentration, use the mat on floors without carpet.
  • If the intensity is hurting, use the mat on a soft surface.
  • Being naked increases intensity quickly.
  • Use this for 20 to 30 minutes every morning and evening or as the manufacturer recommends.
  • At the beginning, take a deep breath for adjusting mat.
  • If the first 5 minutes are painful; try to get through it.

Technique to Choose the Best Acupressure Mat

There are many acupressure mat available in the market but finding the best acupressure mat out of them is a bit difficult. For being relieved from back and muscle pain, just lay on the mat for 20 minutes two times a day.  You and your family will get unbelievable results in very shortest possible time.  Look for the characteristics you want.  Mats are alike in their quality and price.  Women and men may like different roles.  You will find good mats within your budget, and pressure points are illustrated to suit your needs.

Being popular in Europe, acupressure mats are getting concentration and are trendy in the USA and Canada.  There are many mats and many brands available in the marketplace but finding the Best Acupressure Mat is tough a bit.  Consider the characteristics, the quality of materials used, if foam or fibers are used, and toxin-free glues if they are used.  You will want a Warranty and customer service to contact.

Use Acupressure Massage Mats for Migraines

The excruciating migraines and headaches are two of the most general pains.  These pains may be throbbing, at the eyes, at the sinuses, from eyestrain, from tight neck muscles, tension, and other causes.  They can last for a few hours or many days.  Migraine is more complex.  The blood vessels get enlarged in the brain releasing chemicals from nerves causing inflammation that causes the unrelenting pain.

Six acupressure parts successfully treat headaches and migraines.  The grounds for migraines are not fully understood.  Some reasons are:

  • Hormone changes in two-thirds of women are caused by monthly menses, with migraines more usual after puberty and declining after menopause.
  • Habits grounds migraines such as some foods, tobacco, alcohol, fermented foods, and cold cut meats with sulfates and sulfites, among other things.
  • Stress, pressures at work, tension, insomnia, and atmospheric pressure cause migraines.
  • Acupressure mats can cure migraines and headaches when there is vascular imbalance, or an excessive amount of muscle tension particularly in the neck and shoulders. The pressure points in this area can be easily manageable with a slight amount of pressure.

The six areas or regions for headache and migraine aid are the temple, forehead, face, neck, and places in between.  Pressure applied to these areas clear blocked meridians for free flowing energy through your body with the assist of endorphins created by the brain that are the natural painkillers.

Choosing the Best Materials

  1. Materials Used—It is very important to consider the materials used to find the Best Acupressure Mat. Verify that the materials are safe, of high quality, and non-toxic. Be ensured the plastic is ABS—the same that it used for children’s LEGO®toys and games. You do not want BPA (bisphenol A) that is used in making plastics since the 1960s.  It is toxic.  You will crave the foam to be of rubber, eco-foam, or other organic natural products.
  2. Material Quality—be sure the mat is not too solid or of a low quality cotton or foam. The mat will go for many years if made from superior products and rinses as instructed by hand.
  3. Glue/Adhesives—Try to find a mat that does not use glue. Less costly mats attach the spikes with glue while high-caliber manufacturers use a heat procedure that is natural for attaching the plastic buttons. If this is not particular at the website for the product, contact the manufacturer directly.  Do not fall for the deceptive term ‘non-toxic glue used’ because that might not be true.  If you open your package and it smells of glue, send it back.  We want to be healthy using our mat, not exposed to toxic chemicals.
  4. Foam—choose polyurethane (PUR or PU) foam that is made of organic polymers. This type foam will provide a good cushion for acupressure mats. Coconut fibers are good too.
  5. Warranties/Guarantees—you most assuredly want to buy your mat from a famous manufacturer who manufactures great products that are made to last using the best materials. Check for products that has 1- to 5-year warranties with money-back guarantees if you are not happy that usually covers the first 30- and 60-days from purchase. Be cautious about warranties that only cover 30- or 60-days with no further compensation for a flawed product or a mat you do not like.  Companies that make a great product provide big warranties!

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain Available in the Market

1. Spoonk Cotton Acupressure Mat with Carry Bag

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

This is one of the Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain in present time. “Spoonk” utilizes all natural materials for their acupressure cotton mat in four lovely colors of navy, pagoda blue, orange, and magenta.  Spoonk gives emphasizes on the environment with ecological sustainability for society and personal living.  The hemp used for the mat is of normal organic toxic-free materials for everyone’s health.

Use it on the floor, on top of the bed, and in your lounger.  You can step on it for pressure point contact to work rapidly.

The mat has 6210 stimulating points made from ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that is lightweight and very sturdy.  Petroleum-based plastics are not used.  The points are not glued on also; they are attached using the heat pressure.  You will have no glue toxins to deal with.

The mat is hand washable by getting rid of the cotton lining.  Use dish detergent with warm water and splash around; rinse, and air dry.  Use care around the spikes to shield your hands and fingers.  After the mat is dry, put the foam pad back within.

The cover is 55% natural hemp and 45% organic cotton both attained from China.  The lining is 100% cotton for calmness.  The dyes used for the beautiful colors are not synthetic AZO dyes that can origin feeling and sensitive to effects.  All dye colors are normal.  The Eco-Foam is made by Foamex in the USA.

No poisonous materials are used in any of the mat’s elements.  They are natural, environment friendly and made with your health in mind.  No fire retardants and no toxic off gassing from chemicals are used in the production and produce of this mat.  The mats are engineered, designed, and accumulated in Canada and the USA.  The elements are 70% USA made and 40% from China.

The Spoonk acupressure mat is the leading brand sold at Whole Foods Health Food Stores throughout the USA.  Check the price difference on Amazon.  The set has one mat and one pillow.  Spoonk is the only acupressure mat that has launched ECO-Foam USA made with VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology, free from toxic chemicals and plant based.  The Spoonk natural hemp lining has the Global Organic Textile Certification (GOTS) and the carrying bag is made of flax.

Develop your circulation; get rid of neck, back, hip, and joint pain to sleep like a log.  The mat relieves muscle tension and aches for having more energy and felling refreshed.  When sitting on your computer table all day, you can eliminate your tight back pain with this mat.

The pillow is separate from the mat, and you will receive instructions and The Trigger Point Workbook.  The mat and pillow reaches in its own carrying handbag with a long shoulder fastening and self-tie to close making it handy to stock up and take when traveling.  Gift-wrapping is available for your loved ones or friends.  The mat has a 5-year Warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

2. Nayoya Complete Acupressure mat Set

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

The Nayoya acupressure mat will provide you instantaneous pain relief in your back with its 230-acupressure buttons for 6210 acupressure points with 27 spikes on each button. The Nayoya brand mat is the best acupressure mat  products in the industry that provides neck and back relief, relieving stress, and painful back pain.

This neck pillow is well equipped with 1782 acupressure points to relieve the neck pain.  It is light weight, portable, and can be taken with you wherever you go with the carrying case included.  The mat will fit into any medium size luggage for travel or your satchel while visiting or going to work.

It will develop your sleep, digestion, circulation; you will enjoy stress relief and more vitality.  This outstanding massage mat will give you relief for your entire back and neck, reducing shoulder pain you tolerate that is mild or chronic.  The mat touching those pressure points on your feet decreases fibromyalgia and sciatic nerve pain.  If you sit for long stretches of time and have coccyx tailbone soreness, and herniated disc pain, this mat will mitigate it for you.

When you stand on the mat barefoot, you will see development in your stress level, circulation, and see your sleep improves.  It will in addition relieve headaches and migraines when standing barefoot on the acupressure mat.  Without leaving your home to visit your therapist, chiropractor, or other healthcare provider, you will apprehend quickly this cost-effective mat has widespread benefits for increasing your vigor and feeling good all over.  Use the pillow on the side of your neck, and rest in bed on the mat and doze off for a little nap.  Do not sleep on the mat at night.

One study signifies the acupressure mat provided 98% freeing in pain, 96% reported relaxation, 94% shared that their sleep improved, and 81% stated an increase in power.  This is definitely a wonderful authentication to the advantages of using the Nayoya  Complete Acupressure Set in your home or while traveling.

The mat is cotton and is hand washable by eliminating the non-latex foam padding.  Use dish detergent with hot water and slosh around; rinse, and air dry.  Use carefully around the spikes to defend your hands and fingers.  After the mat is arid, put the foam pad back inside.

The mat size is 26 x 17 x 1-inches wide, the neck pillow is 16 x 7 x 3-inches, and it weighs a slight 2 pounds.

The acupressure mat is white and dark green, the pillow is separate and not attached to the mat, and you will receive instructions and illustrations for using.  The mat and pillow appears in its own clear vinyl carrying bag that has a zipper and handles for storage and travel.  Gift-wrapping is available for your loved ones or friends. Warranty information is unavailable.

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

3. Shakti Acupressure Mat

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

With the pleasant Indian name of Shakti (Power), the shakti acupressure mat supplies great comfort and deep relaxation to your body. It has 6,000 acupressure points which are very effectual to reduces the tension and back pains. Use the Shakti acupressure mat for 20 to 40 minutes daily to release endorphin hormones from your body. It works amazingly on back and neck pains instantaneously. This mat mingles the ancient practice of acupressure with latest technology to engage your body’s healing functions. Shakti acupressure mat is made of 100% pure Indian cotton, and the foam cushion is made out of a non-toxic material to protect your skin from infections.

This acupressure provides you with a Great Comfort. It contains 6,000 acupressure points. And the cotton used in this mat is 100% Indian cotton

The Foam cushion uses non-toxic materials so you don’t need to worry and you will get the flavor of Best Acupressure Mat. It Produces warm heat and is Available in Green and Orange. It works well for bare skin. You will feel initial Pain (1 minute) and it will vanish gradually.

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

4. Zensufu Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

Zensufu by Spinal Wellness Institute, Inc.  considered as  a best wellness acupressure mat and pillow set for getting rid of back pain while massaging your neck at the same time.  The magnificent set is listed as number 2 in Health and Personal Care on Amazon.

The mat includes thousands of stimulation spikes that provide calming, comforting, and relaxing feelings for neck and back pain liberation.  While you have a tranquil and not having tensed up muscles, you will remove pain.  This set will do just that:  get rid of severity, soreness, knotted muscles for a relaxing familiarity to have better sleep as well.  You will get relieved from upper, mid- and low-back pain.  The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back with agonizing referred pain that is felt down the legs.  The pain is almost bring to a halt.  Start slowly because the spikes can give you a jerk.  Begin by wearing a T-shirt and increase your time to 20- to 30-minutes in the morning and evening.  The mat can be stood on with bare feet, but wear socks to start.  You can also lie on your stomach to help with digestive concerns.

Use the mat on the hard floor, carpeting, and even on your bed, sofa, or recliner.  You can take it to work and to the gym for a great acupressure massage after doing a hard workout.  When you sit at the computer table all day, stand all day at your job, work in construction, install roofs carrying the materials up a ladder, you sure could use this acupressure mat on your back and the pillow for your sore neck muscles.

The 73 flower-looking buttons are in 20 rows going down to total 240 buttons with 30 spikes on each buttons.

The acupressure mats are 26 L x 15.5 W x 1-inches thick and the pillow is 6 L x 15 W x 4-inches and both pieces weigh 1.6 pounds.

With the mat and pillow set, you will get instructions for using.  The mat and pillow comes with a see-through vinyl carrying bag with a hold.  Gift-wrapping is available for your loved ones or friends. Warranty information is unclear.

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

5. ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

The ProSource mat and pillow will give you relief from your stress, neck pain, muscle tightness, and other aches and pains in your whole body.  Massage comfort will be achieved easily with better blood circulation.  Your feelings of being tired and fatigued and being unable to sleep will be vanished.  The Chinese chi strategy is utilized with the 8910-acupressure points on the mat and 1782-acupressure points on the pillow.  The set is available in 7 colors to tone with your outfit in blue, pink, green, orange, gray, purple and black.

The mat and pillow are made of 100% high-quality thick cotton with Eco-Foam that is plant-based for comfort and suitability and has no toxins.  It can be used 10- to 30-minutes in the morning and evening to have pain relief and feel calm.  Use it on a bare floor or carpet how you choose to suit you.  It can also be kept on top of the bed or in your favorite recliner.  Do not use in bed while you are going to sleep at night.  It is easily portable to take along with you to enhance your power.  Once you become accustomed to the spikes, you can stand on the mat and lie on your stomach.  You can turn the mat up to use under your neck for the pressure points there.  Focus on the problem areas, or follow up the wellness routine that comes with the set.  Acupressure will help to get released from the natural painkillers in the brain known as endorphins for easing pain and relaxing unsurprisingly.

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain

If you ask us what is the best acupressure mat in our consideration. Then we would recommend the Spoonk Cotton Acupressure Mat with Carry Bag to be the best acupressure mat available in the market.

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