Benefits of Using Ghee in Everyday Meal to Your Child

Use of ghee in Everyday Meal

From the ancient times Ghee is a common item in mankind’s everyday meal.  In that time people used to live on Ghee in everyday meal. But in recent times parents are very much conscious about the health of their children. They are afraid of fat. Hardly any family found where Ghee is fed to children in everyday meal.

But do you know, the many fats are found in the market ghee is the best source of fat and most healthy. Certain quantity of ghee helps to proper flourish of the children. Today we will discuss about the necessity of ghee for your children. Side by side, we will also know the proper quantity of ghee necessary for children in every day meal.

Why Ghee is important for your children:

  1. Ghee is a great source of fat. It is also a huge source of power which is necessary for physical growth and flourishing in the childhood.
  2. To have a good health contribution of ghee is most. It contains natural fat which provided energy. It helps in proper physical growth and development. Generally in the end of 1st year after birth, a child’s weight becomes three times. So to keep this growth you may use ghee after 6 months of birth. It helps to maintain proper weight.
  3. In the childhood, growth rate is higher. So there is a great demand of calories. One gram of ghee contains 9 calories. So, addition of ghee in everyday is easy side by side it helps to keep your children healthy.
  4. First year after born is very crucial for building of brain. Healthy environment and nutritional food assist in constructing brain. And 60% of brain is derived from FAT. A Healthy fat named as Decosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) mainly contributes for brain growth and development. In a research, it is found that, homemade ghee contains a great quantity of DHA.
  5. So addition of Ghee in the meal will boost the development process of the brain of child. No only that, DHA also contributes in increasing the power of the eyes.
  6. Ghee is also a great source of anti-oxidant components. So, adding ghee with the meal means, it will stop spreading of diseases and commencement of diseases.
  7. It helps in absorbing fate that are soluble in the vitamin. So adding Ghee with meal will help to absorb Vitamin A, D, E and K. So proper absorption will boost immune system of the body side by side of growth development.
Use of Ghee in everyday meal
Use of Ghee in everyday meal

How much Ghee does your cute child need?

  1. Considering age and weight of child, ghee should be used in regular meal. Many mother starts using ghee before child reaches to the age of six months. But such age is not sufficient for digestion of ghee. So it is better to use ghee with meal after your child crosses the age of six months.
  2. Start using ghee as a supplement of milk. Because at this time, children start sitting, crawling, and walking a bit. So a child is in a condition of costing calories.
  3. So firstly use some drops of ghee with hotchpotch. Keep it under observation while it suits with the body of your child. Gradually start increasing ghee. If your child is underweight, then use a bit higher quantity. And if he is overweight then use ghee in less quantity.
  4. When you child crossed 8 months, then start giving one tea spoon of ghee. Then increase the quantity gradually to 2-3-4. Don’t increase the quantity suddenly.
  5. Increase gradually and keep watching weight. If child is overweight, then reduce the quantity.

Ghee is a source of multiple health benefit. It is very beneficial for overall development of health. But one thing must be kept in mind. Excessive use of anything does not bring any benefits. This word is also applicable in case of ghee. Don’t try to make your child healthy overnight. And don’t use excessive quantity of ghee. It will not be beneficial rather it would be harmful.

Note: Always try to feed the authentic ghee. Keep it in mind that, the ghee has been prepared from the milk of cow.

Find the authentic Ghee.

Use of ghee in everyday meal