Avoid Six Foods to reduce Weight

In recent times it is very difficult to reduce weight. Some time it is very much time consuming and very tiring too. As a result most of the people can’t continue their exercise regularly (who does exercise to reduce weight). If you make it more easy then avoid six foods to reduce weight.

Though for some people it is very easy to increase weight. But it is not so easy to reduce weight on the other hand. People do dieting; exercise, etc. to reduce weight. In spite of these techniques, you should not eat some foods totally while you are trying to reduce your weight. Our today’s article is about avoiding six foods while you are dieting are trying to get slim.

Potato Chips and French fry

if you want to reduce weight, then stop taking your favorite potato chips and French fries. Because, fried potato chips contains high amount of calories and fat which increases amount of sugar and insulin in your blood. In a research it is found that, 1 ounce of potato chips can increase your weight by 1.69 pounds. But if you like potato very much then you can take it by boiling.

avoid six foods to reduce weight
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Diet Soda

Most of the people do this work to reduce weight. Do you know, artificial sugar that is used in diet soda, contributes to increase your weight more? In 2015 American Geriatrics Society published a journal where they showed that, people who use diet soda rather than general soda, their fat of belly increases by three times in comparison to general soda users. However it increases the risk of diabetes and heart failure.

Avoid using Bread 

Though bread is a pivotal food with carbohydrates but it has no nutritional fact. It contains a huge amount of sugar which increases the amount of hunger. That who takes breads regularly, their weight is increased at a geometric rate within 12 years.

Salad Dressing

Many people eat salad to reduce weight. But, commercial salad dressing used in salad assists in increasing your weight. It contains a huge amount of fat and calories. Some salad dressing contains peanuts and raisins. It also contributes in weight gain.

Packaged fruit juice

Fresh fruit juice contains a huge amount of nutritional components which provides power to the body. But, there is components named as fructose in packed fruit juice. It also increases weight. Basically, fruit juice is a mixture of sugar, water and chemical. So make the habit of taking fresh fruit juice instead of packed juice.

Low Fat Food

In a research it is found that, people who take low fat food, takes 30% excess foods. Because, fat is deducted from low fat food. As a result it reduces the taste of foods. So, they eat food frequently. It also increases the weight.

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